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Status of
- A SWOT analysis for Brighton &
 Expertise and specialism (e.g. low carbon design and buildings,
energy, food)
 High level of environmental literacy, interest
 Strong community identities
 Greener consumers (e.g. renewable energy, food)
 High public transport use and compact city suiting walking, cycling
 High profile initiatives, innovations and external reputation
 Passionate groups, organisations & individuals
 Progressive partnership working ethos
 Pockets of good/best practice – e.g. Food Partnership, large
number of Eco Schools, developer planning guidance
 Positive city leadership e.g. on carbon management
 Relatively low CO2 per head by fuel/energy use measure
 Green spaces, sea, South Downs – good quality of life (Forum)
high ecological footprint – resource consumption
high C02 use impact on the climate
old, leaky housing stock and fuel poverty
worklessness, deprivation and health inequalities
raw sewage pollution of the sea
areas of poor air quality & high levels of noise (and light) pollution
high water consumption as well as aquifer dependence
condition of key wildlife sites
Poor access to downland/countryside
shortage of affordable housing
degraded environments and pressures
lack of integrated, large scale solutions
Location suits a range of renewable energies – solar, wind, biomass especially
One Planet Living Plan for the city & Bioregional attention
Wastewater (sewage) treatment works planned
Climate Change Strategy in development; and short-term CO2 targets in place
Local Development Framework – new local plan
South Downs National Park designation; council-owned downland / farms
Education for Sustainable Development – regional centre of excellence bid (UoB)
Climate Connections, Urban Biosphere and Harvest Brighton bids
Energy Service Company development – rising energy/commodity prices
“Green collar” jobs (scrutiny panel) focus – new inward investment and economic
Home renovations, Warm Homes grants, Energy Performance Certificates
Cycling Demonstration Town
Park and Ride; brownfield sites
Sustainable Community Strategy revision
New structures – this partnership, cabinet sustainability committee
New national indicators of local environmental sustainability
 Rising CO2 emissions and consumerism
 Local impacts of climate change – risks from drought,
flooding, heatwave and storm surge
 End of Environmentally Sensitive Areas scheme in
downland – risk to water quality from nitrates etc.
 Consensus breakdowns
 Recession and macro forces
 Rising energy and commodity prices
 Conflicting priorities
 Resources and focus
 Awareness and understanding