Download Thai Cultural and Ethical Codes in Climate Change Negotiations

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Thai Cultural and Ethical
Climate Change Negotiations
Wanee Samphantharak
Presentation Flow
• Thai Ethics and Morals
• Thai Culture and Society
• Development, Globalization and Thai
• Renewal of Ethics and Morals
• Ethics and International Environment
Thai Ethics and Morals
• Derived from the traditional religion of
Thailand “Buddhism”
• Recognize “human is part of nature”
• Emphasize “ the mutual co-existence of man
and nature” use “loving-kindness” as a means
for peaceful co-existence
• Use “Moderation” as the key
– Consume moderately
– Live moderately
– relate moderately
Thai Culture and Society
• Agricultural based, especially rice
• Strong community cohesion
– Agricultural labor sharing
– Participation and cooperation in community
– Self reliance; Self sufficiency
• Polite, Compromise and Peacefulness
• “Land of Smile”
Development, Globalization
and Thai Culture
• The Cultural effects of development
– Western pattern of development
influenced heavily
– Social values of moderation replaced by
economic maximization
– Overemphasize economic wealth and
Economic Crisis and
Moderation Renewal
• Economic and financial crisis caused
serious social and economic problems
• The crisis requires strong adjustments
• The King Guidance to fight the
arising problems
Sufficiency Economy
Philosophy of
“Sufficiency Economy”
• Means “Moderation” and due
consideration on all modes of conduct
• Stress “Middle Path” as a principle for
appropriate conduct
Ethics and International Environment
• Global environments are externalities
and institutional intervention is
• The Principles underlying the Climate
Change Convention has built-in
Ethical and Moral consideration
– Precaution
– Common but Differentiated Responsibilities
– Information Exchange
– Assistance to the Needs and the Affected
The Convention Process and Ethical Issue
• The process indicates Ethics and
Moral are lacking in Climate Change
– Overemphasizing market and efficiency
– Lack of financial and technical support for
vulnerability and adaptation
– Ignore “inter-nation” and “intergeneration” equity
– Fail to distinguish “Emission for Survival”
from “Emission for Luxury”
Ethics and Moral for international
environment is critically needed
– Look at nature as integral part of us
– Consider all humankind, all space and time
• “Moderation” and “Sufficiency Economy”
are important keys to dilute “Greedy” and
Concentrate “middle path of life” toward
sustainable development
“Leading a contented life with few desires
Being satisfied and therefore always happy”
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