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Cars and lorries make
carbon dioxide which
is causing climate
How do they make the
carbon dioxide?
How do cars make carbon dioxide?
Cars, lorries and buses need
fuel to make them work.
They usually need petrol or
They fill up at petrol stations.
Where does petrol and diesel
come from?
Making petrol and diesel
Petrol and diesel are made
from oil.
Oil is made naturally when
fossilised sea creatures
become buried deep
underground. Oil is called a
‘fossil fuel’.
The oil rig brings the liquid oil
to the surface and the tanker
takes it to the refinery.
Oil contains lots of carbon but it
is not yet carbon dioxide.
Making petrol and diesel
The oil refinery converts the oil
into petrol, diesel and other
useful materials.
Tankers deliver the petrol and diesel
Cars use the petrol and diesel
Cars and lorries have engines
that burn petrol or diesel. This
gives the energy to move them
along the road.
When the petrol and diesel
burns, it is convered into
carbon dioxide gas.
The carbon dioxide escapes
out of the exhaust pipe.
Carbon contained in the oil is converted into carbon
dioxide gas in the air. This adds to climate change.
So burning the petrol
or diesel makes
carbon dioxide.
Think about ways to
reduce the amount of
carbon dioxide that is
made by cars and
End presentation