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EU-Thai Cooperation
Samuel Cantell
European Commission
Delegation to Thailand
29 May 2008
• Regional, sub-regional & bilateral programmes
• Thematic Programmes:
Human and social development
Non-state actors in development
Food security
Migration and asylum
Thailand benefits from
three types of funding
1.Global: Environment and Natural Resources including Energy
Thematic Programme (ENRTP, Framework Programmes)
• Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT)
3.Bilateral (Thailand): Thailand-EC cooperation Facility (TEC)
Calls for Proposals
 Tenders
Direct Agreements (Targeted Actions)
1. Global: ENRTP
• EC programme that aims to promote and support
environmental protection and sustainable energy policies
• €804 m for the period 2007-2013.
• €470 m for the period 2007-2010, including €85.5 million
for two new initiatives related to climate change and
renewable energy
• CfP launched end of 2007, deadline of CN on 21/02/2008
(budget of € 59.2 m for 2007-2008)
1. Global: ENRTP (con’t)
Strategy for 2007-2010 is based on five priorities:
• Assisting developing countries to make better progress on
integrating environmental sustainability in decision making
• Promoting implementation of Community initiatives and agreed
commitments (including those under Multilateral Environmental
• Improving environmental integration and promoting coherence in
EU policies affecting third countries
• Promoting EU environmental policies
• Promoting EU energy policies abroad
1. Global: Framework
Programme 7 (FP7)
a 7 year programme (2007-2013), € 54 billion:
• Cooperation programme (2/3 of budget) fosters
collaborative research across Europe and other partner
countries through projects by transnational consortia of
industry and academia
• Research will be carried out in 10 key thematic areas,
including Environment (as well as climate change).
1. Global: FP7 (cont’d)
Funding Schemes:
• Collaborative projects
• Networks of excellence
• Coordination and support actions
• Individual projects
• Research for the benefit of specific groups – in particular SMEs
• EC Funding: 50-75%
• National Contact Point (NCP - established in every EU MS and in
countries associated with FP7, list of NCP addresses at ): to provide
advice to potential applicants for EU research funding
2. Regional: SWITCH
The overall programme objective:
• To promote economic prosperity and poverty
reduction in Asian countries, through sustainable
growth with reduced environmental impact by
industries and consumers, in line with international
environmental agreements and processes, and to
support the mitigation of Climate Change.
2. Regional: SWITCH
• €90 Million for the period 2007-2010
• 2 focal areas, namely:
– Sustainable Production (technical innovation,
supply chain management, CSR etc)
– Sustainable Consumption (Green Procurement,
Marketing strategies, Code of conduct etc)
2. Regional: SWITCH
1st Call for proposal was published end of 2007 and is
currently on-going (€23 million)
• Projects will be selected and contracted before the end of
• Networking Facility will ensure:
– Dissemination of results
– Enhanced policy dialogue
– Address Asian SCP priorities in the international agenda
2nd Call for proposal anticipated to be published in 4th
Quarter of 2008 (€23 million)
2. Regional: FLEGT
• EC contribution: €6 million
• Project envisaged to start in 2008
• Objectives:
– Information relevant for FLEGT collected, analysed and
disseminated at both national and regional levels
– Forest governance improved through Institutional Strengthening
– Combating trade of illegal timber
3.Bilateral: Thailand-EC
Cooperation Facility (TEC)
• deepening the Thai-EC relationship in areas of strategic
importance and interest
• addressing specific capacity constraints crucial to
advancing Thailand's national development agenda
• advancing co-operation on a more modern agenda (e.g.
justice and home affairs issues, good governance and
human rights)
• increasing awareness between Europe and Thailand
• €8 million for 2007-2010
3.Bilateral: TEC (cont’d)
AAP 2007; €3,5 million
1st CfP launched in Oct 2007 (contracted in 2008):
promoting civil society dialogue and facilitating
interactions in:
- Trade and Investment, integration into the regional an
world economy (€ 1 200 000)
- Science and Technology, research and higher education
(€ 700,000)
- Energy and Environment (€ 700 000)
• Ad hoc activities (€ 750 000)
3.Bilateral: TEC (cont’d)
Lot 3: Energy and Environment:
• Capacity building for:
– Environmental integration
– Policy analysis
– Implementing obligations and commitments under global or regional
environmental conventions, initiatives and processes
– Strengthening natural resources research and management
• Contribution to Multilateral Environmental Agreements
implementation, for example: UNFCCC, Basel Convention etc.
• €700 000 for 2008
• Projects under selection (anticipated to support 3-4 projects)
3.Bilateral: TEC (cont’d)
AAP 2009; 4,5 million
Tentative Timeline:
starting now
AAP / Decision:
Q2/Q3 2009
CfP Published:
Q4 2009
Deadline of CfP:
Q1 2010
Contract award and contracting: Q2/Q3 2010
Specific areas of Cooperation – in line with SP and MIP
and draft PCA with Thailand .
More information
• FP 7:
• TEC:
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