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Weather and Climate
Glenco Chapter 17
Pearson Chapter 24
Earth’s Atmosphere
• The air is a mixture of gases, Nitrogen, Oxygen
and trace gases.
• Microorganisms produce the gases.
• The theory is that over time the atmosphere
developed into the air we now breath.
Atmospheric structure
• Weather takes place
in the Troposphere.
• Ozone is in the
As altitude increases,
Air pressure and density
Latitudes and Longitudes
Latitude and Longitude
• These affect the climate based on the angle of
the Sun’s rays.
Heating (energy in) the Atmosphere
• Winds are caused by differences in air
• Local Winds: are caused by unequal heating of
the earth’s surface in a small area.
Global Winds
• Winds that blow over long distances from a
specific direction.
• Move in huge bands called convection cells
• Warm air at the equator rises and replaced by
cooler air.
• Called, Trade winds,Westerlies, and polar
Water in the Atmosphere
• The amount of water vapor in the air
• This can condenses as dew, frost or fog if the
air temperature drops.
Cloud formation
Classifying clouds
• Using your book add details to the types of
clouds. Pg 762-763
Weather Patterns
• Pg 765- 771 in Pearson book
• Answer 24.5 assessment questions 1-6 pg 771
• Two things determine a regions climate:
• Temperature and Precipitation
Distance from large bodies of water
Ocean currents
Distribution of air pressure systems
Global winds
Mountain barriers
El Nino
• Warming of water in central and eastern
Pacific Ocean
• A current of water moves west
• Causes a different weather pattern
Global Warming now called Climate
• One possible theory is the increase of Co2 and
other gases in the atmosphere is causing
climate change.
• The green house effect.
Possible cures
• Energy Conservation
• Alternative non carbon producing power
sources: Please list them for yourselves.
• Reduce the amount of gases produced.
• Using your laptops please research and write a
one paragraph summation of current US
policy addressing Climate Change.
• Google: “current US policy on climate change”
• climate change
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