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Literacy Applications
1. English SOL:
Reading 4.4e: The student will expand vocabulary when reading. Use vocabulary from other
content areas.
- This SOL was utilized throughout my TWS unit. Students were instructed to use their math
textbooks to look up the definitions of various terms pertaining to the unit by reading various
passages throughout a chapter in the text. They were then asked to summarize the definitions
into short concise definitions to use in their notes.
Writing 4.7c: The student will write cohesively for a variety of purposes. Use a variety of
pre-writing strategies.
- The students were given booklets to take notes in for this unit that had a Freyer Model on each
page of the booklet. Within the class we discussed how the Freyer Model was a great
pre-writing tool to use any time notes were needed to be taken on a topic.
2. Smartboard Presentation
- This smart board activity will be used to help students review intersecting, parallel, and
perpendicular lines. It will also be used to begin instruction on the different types angles.
Later on in the next unit the same smart board lesson can be used to introduce polygons and how
polygons are defined by lines and angles. An activity to go with this will be to have students
draw intersecting and non-intersecting lines on individual white boards and have them “drive”
hot wheels (toy cars) along the lines to see whether or not the lines are intersecting or if the lines
are parallel and the cars will never crash.
3. Song
Types of Angles
(To the tune of Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes)
Right, acute, obtuse, and straight.
Right, acute, obtuse, and straight.
These are the types of angles that we know.
Right, acute, obtuse, and straight.
Acute is smaller than a right.
Obtuse is larger than a right
A straight angle forms a straight line.
Right, acute, obtuse, and straight.
- When teaching this song to students, it is very helpful to add in dance moves with it. The
dance moves that would be added to this song, would be to have students create each of the
different types of angles using their arms as they are singing.
4. Parent Letter
Dear Parent or Guardian,
Next week your fourth grader will begin a geometry unit. He/she will be learning about
points, lines, line segments, and rays. Students will also be learning about the different types of
angles. Another topic within the unit is line relationships such as intersecting, parallel, and
perpendicular lines. This unit will last for eight days, which includes a review day for extra
coverage of harder concepts. The first two days of the unit students will complete a booklet of
geometric terms which will be used throughout the entire unit. You can help with your student’s
success by reviewing and studying the concepts covered in the booklet each night. Feel free to
contact me with any questions through email, or my blog site:
Miss Hunter
5. Electronic Field Trip
Web Quest Link:
- This Web Quest will be completed after students have learned about the different types of
angles and have began their unit on polygons. Students will be able to work on this during
computer lab time each day during the end of the geometry unit about lines and line relationships
and throughout the entire polygon unit. This will benefit students greatly by allowing each of
the students extra practice on the concepts being covered throughout the geometry unit.
Allowing students time to complete this web quest also gives some students that do not have as
much exposure to these resources time to practice and utilize them to their benefit.