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Solve for x
x is the unknown number
x is the variable
You can only do four operations to a number.
1. Add
2. Subtract
are inverses
3. Multiply
4. Divide
are inverses
Addition combines numbers
Subtraction is the addition of the opposite sign
Multiplication is repeated addition
Division is repeated subtraction
Solve for x
1st Write the equation
2nd Think
Ask yourself: What do I do next?
3rd Begin
4th Isolate the variable
5th After each step, ask yourself:
What do I do next?
6th Check your answer by substituting
back into your equation
Steps to Solve for x.
Isolate the variable by following these 3 steps
1. Work one side, then the other. Collect and combine like terms.
2. Work across the sign. Collect and combine like terms.
3. Keep the = down the center of your work
Use the Properties of Real Numbers
Property of Equality (Substitution – replace objects of = value)
Property of Distribution
Commutative Property
Associative Property
Follow the Order of Operation: GERMDAS
grouping symbols
multiplication division
Steps to Solve for x.
Work carefully
Be careful of your signs
Mind the exponential powers of your variables.
Distribute to each term
Remember Mathematicians are Lazy!
Many things in math are not written.
Example: -x is actually -1 x x1
Check your answer – substitute your answer back into your
Does your answer make sense?