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Produces a single timed pulse. The length depends on the value of the capacitor and resistor(s)
connected to pin 6&7. This monostable uses the 555 I.C. Pin 2 starts the timing cycle when it is
connected to 0v. This must be only a short pulse as timing will begin when pin 2 returns high. Pin
3 is the output and can drive any low power device.
T = 1.1CR
C = 100uF, R = 100K
t = 1.1 x 0.0001F x 100,000
t = 11 seconds
Timing Project
This circuit has been modified in the following ways.
1. The timing switch has been replaced with a capacitor to produce a brief low pulse when
the circuit is switched on
2. The buzzer is placed between pin 3 and +v instead of 0v. This will mean that the buzzer
sounds at the end of the timing period, not during it.