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GERUND as Subject
 A gerund ( ing form ) is a noun formed
from a verb.
Smoking is forbidden in this building .
Learning English is easy.
Playing football is my favourite sport .
After some verbs (love – like – dislike – hate
– enjoy – prefer) we use –ing form.
I love watching the sun set every evening .
She likes going to the cinema on Sundays .
After some verbs such as ; Finish , forgive ,
imagine , keep , avoid ,admit , fancy , regret ,
suggest , continue , miss , quit , start , stop
practice , go …
I avoid staying up late on weekdays.
He goes fishing on Sundays .
After prepositions
He is interested in playing the guitar.
I am not very good at learning Spanish .
Sue must be fed up with doing homework.
They left without taking their change .
What are the advantages of having a car ?
Thank you very much for inviting me to your
party .
How about going out tonight ?
After the expressions ;
can’t stand , can’t help , it’s no use , look forward
to , how about ….? What about ….? I’m busy… .
Ex: I can’t help laughing, he is so funny!
How about going to the cinema? (suggestion)