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Trade in Services and
Immigration Law
United States of America
Information Resources
• Developments in International Migration to the
United States: 2001
• United Stated Department of State
– Basic
information on visa issuance process
– Recent data
on visa processing
Information Resources
• Department of Justice, Immigration and
Naturalization Service
INS homepage
index.htm Immigration laws, regulations
& guides
Information Resources
• Department of Labor
• http://www/dol/gov/dol/topic/hiring/foreign.
htm Employment and Training
Administration (ETA) hiring foreign
• http://edc.dws.state.ut/owl.asp Online
wage data library (prevailing wage
Temporary and Permanent
• Nonimmigrant – An alien lawfully admitted
temporarily into the United States for
specific purposes.
• Immigrant – Aliens who are lawfully
admitted into the United States for
permanent residence and are eligible for
eventual citizenship.
Trade Advisory Committees
Advisory Committees and Trade In Services
President's Advisory
Committee for Trade
Policy and Negotiations
Policy Advisory
Labor Advisory
Industry Advisory
Proposals for Change
Factors for Consideration
Changes in law or regulation
Jurisdiction of United States Law
Type of Skills or Specialized Services
Requirements for Licensure
Term of Temporary Stay
General Agreement on Trade in
• Commitments undertaken by All Parties
• Definition of Movement of Natural Persons
Providing Services
• General Description of Articles and
Schedules of Specific Commitments
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