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Scientists believe
that there was an
explosion 10
billion years ago.
This was the birth
of the universe.
In the
there was
nothing, no
Earth, no
sun no
time, no
Gases cooled,
and galaxies
and planets
started to
believed that
the world was
created by
God himself.
The Islam
creation story is
one which tells
that God made
the world and
the heavens
and all
creatures that
walk, crawl,
swim and fly on
Judaism is a monotheistic religion which believes that
the world was created by a single, all-knowing divinity,
and that all things within that world were designed to
have meaning and purpose as part of a divine order.
Hinduism claims nothing. It is Sanatana
Dharma which existed before, exists now
and will exit for ever.
Buddhist don't believe any thing
started the world but do believe that
it was started by the matter of the
universe smashing together.
According to
Sikhism, World
was created by
god and when god
said let there be
light their was