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Today’s Schedule – 05/17/10
CNN Student News
29.3 Vocab Check
29.3 PPT: Southeast Asia Today
– 30.1 Vocab
– Study for Chapter 29 Quiz
• Tuesday, May 18th
– Chapter 29 Quiz
• Thursday, May 20th
– Unit 10 Current Event
• Friday, May 21st
– Unit 10 Binder
– Chapter 30 Quiz
The Region Today
• The countries of Southeast Asia have
different levels of economic
• Laos and Cambodia are very poor
Myanmar is very rich in natural
But the military dictatorship there has kept the
country isolated and they have remained poor.
The capital of Myanmar is
Also called Rangoon.
Aung San Suu Kyi
Is an opponent of the
military dictatorship
in Myanmar. She is
working for
democracy there.
She won the Nobel
Peace Prize – but
has been under
house arrest since
the early 1990’s.
Thailand is the most developed
country in Southeast Asia.
Its capital is Bangkok.
Bangkok is an ancient city that mixes
the modern and traditional.
The city has over 400 wats – Buddhist
temples that serve as monasteries.
The capital of Vietnam is
The largest city in Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh city.
Phnom Penh
Is the capital of Cambodia.
The capital of Laos is
• All Southeast Asia countries are members
of the
– Association of Southeast Asian Nations
• Founded in 1967 to promote economic
• Free trade among the ASEAN nations