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Notes on Reproduction
By: Dhikshitha 7E
Plants can Reproduce in 2 ways.
oAsexual Reproduction.
oSexual Reproduction.
Asexual Reproduction
• Asexual reproduction is the formation of new
individuals from the cell(s) of a single parent.
It is common in plants than in animals.
Examples of Asexual Reproduction
Budding in Hydra.
Budding in yeast
spore formation in bread mould.
Binary Fission in Bacteria
Vegetative probation in potatoes in strawberries
Budding in Hydra.
Budding in hydra. As you can see
in the image budding in hydra is
when a small bud grows and
starts to develop.
Here is a youtube video that explains more about budding in hydra.
Binary Fission in Bacteria
Binary Fission in Bacteria is when the parent
enlarges (grows) and duplicates it’s DNA. In
other words I splits into 2.
Sexual Reproduction
Plants can be Uni sexual or Bisexual
Pollination is when pollen
is transferred form one
plant to another and
enables the fertilization
and sexual
It can happen in many ways:
Bees: When bees take nectar from plants
the pollen sticks on them. And when they sit
on another flower the pollen wares off.
Air: Pollen may move in the direction on the
wind and fall on other flowers.
• Fertilization is the fusion of pollen grain
nucleus and ovule nucleus.
Seed Dispersal
Seed Dispersal can happen in 4 different ways.
Exploding flowers
Seed dispersal through air.
• The lighter seeds can be carried to different
places by air.
Seed Dispersal Through Water
• If the plant was next to a
body of water, there are
chances that the seed
would fall in the water. It
will move to a far away
place according to the
movement of the water.
Seed Dispersal Through Animals
• When animals like
squirrels find a
fruit thy take it to
different places
and eat it. They do
not eat the seed,
so they spit it out.
Seed Dispersal Through Animals
• Some seed have hook
like ends. When
animals run past them
they hook to their fur.
As the animals run the
seeds fall off.
Seeds Dispersal though exploding
• Particular fruits explode when they get ripe.
The shoot out their seeds and the seeds fall in
different places.
• There are 2 different types of seeds
Dicot Seeds
Monocot Seeds
Dicot Seeds
• Dicot Seeds are seeds that be spit in half. They
are made of two pieces.
Monocot Seeds
• Monocot seeds cannot be split into half. It is
made of 1 piece.
Germination in the name of the process in
which a seed grows into a plant.
Conditions need for germination