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IE497B Biomedical Product
Dr. Richard A. Wysk
Spring 2009
• Policies - This is an engineering course, I
do expect you to act like engineering
students. Independent, diligent,
• Engineering ethics
• There is no cure for improper behavior
• What we will we be doing?
– IE497 is new (3rd offering), amorphous and should be
lots of fun. It will be the most exciting class that you
take. For four plus years, I have been working on
medical products development. This area is VERY
different than traditional durable goods. Hopefully by
the end of the semester, you will see how different
commercial and medical systems can be.
– Biomedical systems is a difficult topic touching:
biology, anatomy, biomechanics, and every aspect of
engineering. People do not understand how
Biomedical engineering systems fit together. This is
the focus of IE497!
Background of IE497
• This is the third time that IE497 (Biomedical
Product Engineering) will be offered as an
Industrial Engineering course.
• Dr. Wysk will be learning along with everybody
else in the class, and will try to make this a very
interactive course – debates, competitions, etc.
• Significant development time has been put into
the class, but is still required.
Development activities
• Course materials have been developed
and need to be tested. You will be the
beta testers.
• Active, collaborative learning will be the
educational focus for the course. I am
looking for feedback in this area.
Once in a semester opportunity
• We will have 3-4 Position Papers during
the semester.
– You can volunteer for a particular paper or be
assigned as the topics get consumed.
– 4-6 people per position (FIFO)
– It will be a lot of work but fun as well
• What is a “Biomedical
Interactions of many processes
(biological, chemical and
mechanical), products and
design decisions made in the
creation of a medical product or
delivery of a medical
• Glossary of terms
– Pathogens, bacteria,
virus, fungus,
Healthcare delivery,
Sizes of things
Microbes for being small, span a large range of sizes from the T4
virus that are 0.02 µm to giant bacteria larger than 700 µm.
Goal and Objective
• GOAL – Provide industrial engineers with
a basic understanding of medicine and
medical device requirements.
• OBJECTIVE -- reduce time for service,
increase quality, reduce cost, and operate
in a tight capital environment
• M,W,F class sessions to
follow our outline.
• Make-up sessions?!?
• I expect to learn as
much from you as you
do from me.
• I want this to be fun!
• Respect and