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Analysis of Water Quality: Comparing Well Water, Spring Water, Tap Water, and
Bottled Water
Jarad Shetters Biology Department of Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TN 38505
Thousands of cases of water-borne diseases
occur every year, many of them fatal (Gowd
2005). You can’t see, smell or taste most
water contaminants, so water testing is
imperative for those concerned with health
and wellness. With this easy all-in-one water
testing kits, you’ll get fast, accurate results
you can depend on, along with some welldeserved peace of mind. Despite modern
facilities, water remains an all-too-common
source of both acute and chronic illness,
simply because it is by far the most ingested
substance on the planet (Maillard et al. 2005).
Chronic exposure to chemical contaminants
is particularly dangerous and these toxins are
highly insidious, causing damage over months
and years, often withserious or deadly effects
(Evans et al.2005).
Objective & Hypothesis
Objective: To test the levels of
contaminants in well water, tap water,
and bottled water.
Hypothesis: Bottled water will contain
less amounts of contaminants than
either well water or tap water.
Null hypothesis: Bottled water, well
water and tap water contain similar
amounts of contaminants.
•Of the four water sources sampled well water was the most contaminated.
A seen by Tuthill et al. this may be due to the effluent from septic systems.
When septic systems effluent moves through soil for a sufficient time,
bacteria and other contaminants can get into the groundwater and
contaminate the drinking water. Well water tested positive for bacteria and
pesticides and the other three sources tested negative. The tap water which
came from a water fountain at Tennessee Tech University was surprisingly
Well water tested positive for
bacteria and pesticides
Tap water had low amount of lead
Bottled water was the cleanest of
all water sources.
•Dr. Morgan for his help in this
semester long process
Methods & Materials
Samples where taken from the water fountain at
Pennebaker Hall at Tennessee Tech University, my
parents house in Decherd, TN a spring on Seven
Springs Rd. and from a bottle of Aquafina water.
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