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Cancer Card Game Answers
1-15-3-8-6-2-75-14-11-12-4-109-13-1- etc
A breast cancer cell
Slide 1a
A Brain Cancer Cell
Slide 1b
Cancer cell caught in the act of dividing
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Different Cancer Types
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• Carcinomas
About 85% of cancers are carcinomas. They start in the
epithelium, which is the covering (or lining) of organs and of
the body (the skin).
• Sarcomas
These form in the connective tissues of the body such as
muscle, bone and fatty tissue (6% of cancers).
• Leukaemias/Lymphomas
These occur in the tissues where white blood cells (which
fight infection in the body) are formed, i.e. the bone marrow,
and lymphatic system (5%).
• Other forms of Cancer
Brain tumours and other rare forms of cancer make up the
other 4% of cancers.
Cancers by organ site
Lung cancer
Breast cancer
Stomach cancer
Colorectal cancer
Liver cancer
Cancers of the female
reproductive tract
• Cancers of the male
reproductive tract
• Oesophageal cancer
• Bladder
Slide 3
•Head and Neck cancer
•Pancreatic cancer
•Thyroid cancer
•Kidney cancer
•Tumours of the
nervous system
Causes of Cancer
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The disease arises principally because individuals
are exposed to cancer causing agents in what they:
• inhale
• eat and drink,
• come into contact with in their personal or work
It is also caused by personal habits
• such as tobacco use
• physical activity patterns
Cancer Statistics
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• A cancer will affect 1 in 3 of us and 1 in 4 of those affected will die
• Over 70% of cancers happen to people who are over the age of 60
• The possibility of being diagnosed with cancer before the age of 15
is about 1 in 500
• the most common cancer for men is lung cancer (19%), followed by
prostate cancer (17%)
• the most common cancer for women is breast cancer (29%),
followed by large bowel cancer (12%)
• 2/3rds of us will never contract the disease and of those who do
75% will beat it!
• Surgery
• Radiotherapy
• Chemotherapy
• Hormonal Therapy
Other methods of treatment include:
• Biological
• Stem cell and bone marrow
• Supportive Therapies
• Complementary
The body produces pre cancer cells everyday
Tumours that spread are cancerous
Over 200 different types of cancer
No single factor that causes it and no single cure
therefore many different treatments
Cancer cells differ from normal cells in that they have a
reduced need for oxygen
2/3rds will not get cancer and of the 1/3rd that do 75%
will beat it
Change in lifestyle could prevent over 30% of cancers!
Viruses and bacteria responsible for 30% of cancers
Toxins have links with cellular damage and links with