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Leveraging Oracle Data for WebBased Reporting
Northern California Oracle Users
May 2001
Value of Web-based
Enterprise Reporting
Information Delivery
 Provide information to key decision makers within the company
 Access to correct, timely information fosters delegation of responsibility to
appropriate levels within the organization - this is the “biggest payback”
 A true implementation of knowledge management
 It is your information
 Organize/deliver information based upon your business processes
 It is your ‘window to the world’
 Scope/quality/presentation of your information enables customer
interest/loyalty/retention, close supplier relationships and an impression of
Value of Web-based
Enterprise Reporting
Information Delivery
 Transform data into web-based useable information to provide the
insight to drive company strategy
 quick interpretation of information maintains operational efficiency and
formalizes corporate management processes
 Provide for proactive company management
 company intranet has increasingly become a self-service interface to the
provision of a whole range of key strategic assets – HR management &
policies, sales support, technical support, documentation repository etc
 Reap full benefits of non-proprietary integration
 Web development strategy and business processes should determine
information delivery architecture not constraints of reporting product
integration requirements
Information Delivery Infrastructure is the Key
Architecture in Detail…
Based on
by All Users
the Way
User’s Want
to Use Data
Customizable & Flexible
Key Success Criteria of
Information Deliver System
Ease to Use (from Developer to End User)
Enterprise Wide User Support
Designed for Web First
Low Maintenance (for Short and Long Term)
Rapid Deployment
Based on Industry Standards
Scalable and Reliable for 100,000’s of Users
A Complete Solution
Next generation system to organize,
categorize & deliver content
Built for Web & enterprise standards
Integrate with any intranet, extranet,
Internet or corporate portal app
Scalable to 100,000s; mission-critical
security & reliability
Multi-server, fault tolerant architecture
API and query language
Embedded Active Scripting engine
Cross-platform: Windows & Unix
Fully customizable – user interface &
Deliver to any device or format
Built-in subscription & alerting
Flexible Web delivery – DHTML, XML,
Flexible application server design
Template - and wizard-driven
A Complete Solution
Seamless integration of Crystal Reports
 Latest edition of world standard
for high performance reporting
 Web content creation
 Alerts, bursting & WAP-ready
 More speed & performance gains
Seamless integration of Crystal
Analysis Professional
 New technology for fast,
powerful OLAP reporting
 Built for Web delivery, zero-client
analysis & interactivity
 Provides parameterized reports
for any OLAP source
Extensibility: Developer tool kits for custom creation of
& integration to any application
Crystal Decisions – Professional Services
Quick Start – product set up, administrative overview
Detailed System Analysis – performance, sizing etc
Enterprise Reporting Strategy
Web customization services
Report building services – local and remote
Training – standard and customized
 Administration
Report building (new offering - ACE certification program)
 Report-based application development
 Corporate trainer program
 Computer based training
Crystal Decisions – Technical Support
 Crystal Care Enterprise (24/7 option)
 Full year technical support with priority access to crystal care agents
 Crystal Care Elite
 Dedicated team of senior support specialists, on-site support for
mission critical scenarios, proactive relationship
 Crystal Care Reports
 Priority call response, toll-free, extended hours (8AM – 8PM ET),
answer by email, VISIT support tool
 Supportive Environment
 Knowledge link
 White papers
 Technical newsletters