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Computer Login
• User [email protected]
and your
Cascadia Network Account Password
• Use the generic login and password written on the
College 101 – Library Workshop
Julie Planchon Wolf,
Nursing & Health Studies/Research & Instruction Librarian,
[email protected], (425) 352-3452
Today’s class
• Intro to the Library
• Library Web Guide Overview
• Assignment: Research Worksheet
– Gale Virtual Reference Library
– UW Libraries Search – UW WorldCat and/or UW
Bothell/CCC Library (beta)
– Academic Search Complete
• Meet with your groups
College 101:
Library Introduction tutorial
• This video tutorial is 6 minutes and 16 seconds
• This tutorial is also linked on the Workshop
Materials page of the library web guide we will
be using today
Use a computer
Course Reserves
Find a Book or e-Book
Use the green tabs to navigate the
Library Web Guide
Ready, get set, research!