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© 2003 United Security Applications.
A web Reporting tool for Legacy
© 2002 United Security Applications
Need for a Web Reporting tool
for legacy System
Most of the archival but important data is
many a times on Legacy systems.
Though this data is important the
reporting tools available today are mainly
client server type.
There is a need to have a web reporting
tool so as to make it available throughout
the enterprise.
© 2002 United Security Applications
Limitations of some of the
other tools
Most of the tools allow you to create a
static report and hence the user can not
make any intelligent search by changing
It is a skilled job to create those reports
using some available tools like Crystal
Reports etc.
© 2002 United Security Applications
ERM – a Web Reporting tool
ERM overcomes this problem by creating
a Schema which is specific to your needs.
It allows you to attach the labels that are
relevant to your need.
A parameter driven search can be fired
hence the user can twist the searches to
suite his/her needs.
© 2002 United Security Applications.
Configurator – Schema
 Schema is that set of information from the legacy
database which is relevant to your specific needs.
 Configurator program makes connection to your legacy
database and allows you to choose only those tables
and fields which are relevant to you.
 It also allows you to specify the labels you would like to
use to describe these fields.
 You can specify the relation between the databases.
 You can also specify various display formats in which
you would like to view the information.
© 2002 United Security Applications
Web Interface
Web interface would first make a
connection to the schema which is on the
local machine.
It would use the information within the
schema for its own interface.
It would then fire the searches on the
legacy databases using the information in
the schema.
© 2002 United Security Applications
Technical Limitations
This software can work on the legacy
system which can be connected through
the ODBC connection.
© 2003 United Security Applications.
Example of a SMS System
SMS is a SQL database which has a
complex structure of data about the
hardware in the Enterprise.
Using the configurator we have chosen
only those fields we wish to fire queries.
We have set up the display labels for the
We have also set the display formats.
© 2003 United Security Applications.
Functionality Description
• User Information
• System Information
• Hardware
• Precreated Queries
• Boolean Search
• Software
• Precreated Queries
• Search a specific Product
• Product on a specific Machine
• SMS Status
• Last 100 messages for a specific site code
• Frequent Errors in last 24 hours
• User Login
© 2003 United Security Applications.
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© 2003 United Security Applications.