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“The most important reason why there was little
opposition towards the Nazi regime was its use of
propaganda”. Explain how far you agree with this
I agree with the statement that propaganda was a very important reason why
there was little opposition towards the Nazi regime. However, I do not fully
agree with the statement this I because I believe that there were other reasons
that are equal in importance if not more so important than propaganda for
causing little opposition. The Nazi government controlled everything in Germany.
This made propaganda very prominent. The vast amount of propaganda used in
Nazi Germany was an important reason and good explanation of why there was
little opposition to the Nazi regime. Propaganda in Nazi Germany was almost
inescapable – especially for children. Such propaganda was used in schools and
children were raised to follow the beliefs of the Nazis. Therefore, if these
German citizens were growing up to believe this one way of thinking then they
would have no reason to oppose it. This results in less opposition to the Nazi
regime. There were so many ways of enforcing the propaganda - through the
radio was one source of propaganda, the Nazis got them installed in cafes and
factories, cheap radios were sold and loudspeakers were placed in the streets;
there were even spot checks to ensure that people were listen to the radio.
Ensuring that Hitler’s preaching about Germany was heard by everyone.
Children were influenced to join an organisation called the Hitler youth. Here
they were encouraged and encouraged to believe that anyone who they heard
say anything negative about the way things were being run should have their
names mentioned at the Hitler Youth. This often caused children to get their
parents in trouble accidentally – sometimes not even accidentally because they
believed that they were doing the right thing by turning them in as they were so
heavily influenced by the propaganda at the time. These methods ensured that
Germans – especially young Germans would following Hitler’s way of thinking
ensuring them a future generation of Nazi’s who will follow him without
Another very important reason for why I think Nazi Germany had little opposition
was because of the ruthless Gestapo. The Gestapo enforced the Nazi regime
basically by striking fear into the German people. It was the Gestapo who
enforced all the Nazi regimes were enforce, such as people were listening to
Nazi speeches on the radio, and who did spot checks at houses. The Gestapo
could do whatever they wanted. They often sent people to concentration camps
without trial and noting was done to stop them. This was because they were
controlled by the same person who controlled the courts and the judges Heinrich
Himmler. This allowed the Gestapo to get away with any crime. They had
informers everywhere. People could have been sent to camps or beaten up by
the Gestapo not jus for apposing Hitler or Nazi views, but for saying anything
negative about the Nazi government in the slightest. This could result in them
being sent to be “re-educated” in concentration camps. These concentration
camps were terrible; although many German citizens at the time didn’t know
about what went on there exactly. People were starved, used as hard labour or
even killed at theses camps.
The Gestapo link in with the Nazi propaganda because they worked hand in hand
in eliminating opposition towards the Nazi regime. Propaganda was used to
create these Nazi views and encouraged people to think them. People who didn’t
know what Germany was like before Hitler – the young, had no reason not to
believe things were not right. However, if there for whatever doubted that
things were not as great as they seemed under the persuasion of other, for
example parents, then the fear of what might happen to them because of the
Gestapo would prevent them from causing opposition towards the Nazi German
government. When people would report anti-Nazi behaviour they would do it
because the feel so much for the propaganda and then the Gestapo would take
over from there with horrid consequences.
Another very important reason for why there was little opposition was because
of fear again. However, this did not just generate from the Gestapo. This fear
originated from peoples own superstitions. For example, people believed that
there were a thousand Gestapo members than there actually was. This
generated fear that people were in more danger of being punished than they
actually were in. Therefore, people were far to scared to speak openly about
whether they opposed the Nazi regime. This clearly links in with my reason for
why the Gestapo were a significant reason for why there was little opposition to
the Nazi government. Furthermore, the link between the fear of peoples own
superstitions and the fear if the Gestapo can be explained by people spreading
rumours about what will happen to people one the Gestapo had found out they
had been speaking negatively abut Hitler. In some cases it was found that these
rumours were started by the Gestapo members them elf. This was done in
order to prevent opposition. There was always gossip of someone who knew
someone, or someone who new someone who new someone and so one, who
had disappeared after bad mouthing the Nazis. The Gestapo thrived on that fear.
People, who believed that turning their neighbours, believed that if they didn’t
do so then they were in the wring and feared the consequences. This links in
with the propaganda. The propaganda forced people to believe they were doing
the right thing by turning people into the Gestapo. The Gestapo caused fear of
people of opposing the Nazi government by making them endure horrendous
punishments, and this fear along with the propaganda encouraged people to
spread rumours about the Gestapo all in the belief that they were doing the
right thing.
In Conclusion I agree with the statement “The most important reason why
there was little opposition towards the Nazi regime was its use of propaganda”
but only to a certain extent. I think this because propaganda played a significant
role in reducing the opposition because it encouraged people to really believe
that what the Nazi’s were doing was the right thing and therefore there was no
reason to oppose it. The propaganda caused millions to believe this. Therefore
propaganda is a key element in reducing the opposition of the Nazi resume.
Nevertheless, there were other reasons for why there was little opposition,
which in my opinion play a much important role in reducing the opposition. This
is the fear. The propaganda wasn’t enough to prevent everyone in Germany to
believe and follow Hitler. But, the terror of what might happen to those who
disagreed with the Nazi ways was enough to stop them from speaking up. Word
of mouth also helped people become aware of these consequences, therefore all
of these reasons are important and they are why I do not fully agree with the