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Chapter 22
Facts about Alcohol
• Alcohol is more accurately known as ETHANOL.
• ETHANOL= the type of alcohol in alcoholic
beverages, and is a powerful and addictive drug.
• Ethanol can be produced synthetically and
naturally through FERMENTATION of fruits,
vegetables, and grains.
• Fermentation is the chemical action of yeast on
Facts Continued
• At first drinking alcohol you get a energy “rush”.
• This “rush” masks the true effects of a
• Depressant- a drug that slows the central
nervous system.
• Drinking affects a persons motor skills by
slowing reaction time and impairing vision.
• Clear thinking, good judgment also deminish.
The state in which the body is poisoned by
alcohol or another substance and the
person’s physical and mental control is
significantly reduced.
Factors That Enhance Intoxication
• A persons body size
• Amount of food in the body
• The rate of intake of alcohol