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United States & Canada
Unit 1 – Economic Characteristics
What are some of the major exports of the US?
 (Machinery, Electronics, Oil)
 Technology/Information Systems
 Foodstuff
US & Canada have highly developed
infrastructures. What is INFRASTRUCTURE?
 Basic structures needed to operate a society…
buildings, roads, bridges, dams,
electrical system, water system, etc.
US & Canada have highly diversified economies.
What does that mean?
 They have many different sources of income.
US & Canada have a rich supply of resources.
What are some examples?
 Mineral Resources
 Energy Resources
 Forest Resources
What does NAFTA stand for?
Which countries does it include?
 North American Free Trade Agreement
 Canada, United States, Mexico
What is a
 A company that operates in multiple
countries such as Microsoft, SAS,
NetApp, Google & FedEx
The US is know as a center of
Give an example of one major financial center in the US.
 New York Stock Exchange (New York)
 NASDAQ (New York)
 TMX Group (Toronto)
The US and Canada have experienced
What does that mean?
 Their economies
are stable over
time and continue
to gain strength.
That means the
GDP is growing.
Due to technology, there is a growing
EXPORT of US CULTURE in the global marketplace.
Give some examples.
 McDonald’s
 Coca-Cola
 Music
 Blue Jeans