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Star club 2000
Alizée: Her personality revealed
Alizée has the wind at full stern and this pretty wind is called "l'Alizé"... Second single from
the album "Gourmandises", the song is in the lead of all the hits. The year 2001 will be very
sweet and very busy for our favorite Lolita. Through the secrets of her name, her astrological
sign, and her numerology, Star Club tells you more about this girl (almost) like all the others...
The secrets of her name
Totem animal: carp
Plant: heather
Color: yellow
Dominant characteristic: desire
--know how to lead their most secret projects to the end...
--are rather introverted at first sight, they know, when they want to, how to transcend their
shyness to truly reveal themselves...
--are quite easily influenced, they lead their way with an uncommon desire...
--they are endowed with a very large emotionalism, which makes them engaging and gives
them an extra charm if they need it...
--Their intelligence is all in finesse, their intuition and their memory absolutely remarkable...
--Their vitality is unusual, which can drive them to excess!...
--Sensual, they give and ask a lot...
--Their sociability, their sense of humor, makes them adorable and very sought-after
--Their anger is rare, but unforgettable for those who find themselves the object of it!
--Their very present desire sometimes transforms them into leaders...
--Loving, they are jealous and possessive, readily explosive in their demands...
--Their imagination is brilliant... but sometimes a little too overflowing.
--Can show a certain lack of tolerance when their entourage shows a little hesitation in
following them... to the end of their craziest desires!
Her astrological sign
Alizée was born under Leo, sign of the triumphant "me"...
Governed by the sun, Leo is the sign of fire and desire. Symbol of knowledge, discernment,
gold, glory, influence, purity, nobility, love... it can also sometimes be one of egocentrism and
A Leo is a leader, an excellent organizer, for whom wanting is doing. Passion in any form is
the dominant character. Her robustness and relentlessness joins her ambition in making a
protector defined by a big heart that helps others.
Her pride sometimes makes her refuse to see the world for what it is, causing numerous love,
friendship, and professional disillusions.
Her love life takes capital importance. Many times she's the one who leads the "game"... Her
seduction assets (physical and intellectual) are huge and she knows by heart how to make use
of them to the fullest.
In conclusion, a Leo is an "alluring flap" who knows how to use her thousand talents to fulfill
her goals...
Her way of life
In numerology, the way of life reflects the important character traits. To calculate it, you need
to add the day, the month, and the year of birth. We thus choos a number between 1 and 9 or
the number 11.
Alizée was born on 21/08/1984
2 + 1 + 0 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 33
Alizée's way of life is the number 6
Love holds the first and foremost place in the life of those whose way of life is the 6;
romantic, absolute fondness, the 6 is only totally cheerful when he/she is... madly in love.
Inded, it's not for lukewarm and banal relationships. When she is affectionate (in love or
friendship), she is devoted, body and soul, to her heart's chosen one... but watch out, she
requires the most perfect reciprocity, and drops the ones who betray her confidence.
Possessive, jealous, sometimes even autodestructive, her requirements, her ideal, can push her
to all excesses...
The 6 is endowed with a big artistic sense, a hyper-developed sensitivity. Sweet and
persevering, but also very demanding (on herself and towards others), she goes to the end of
what she undertakes and knows how to elude the nastiest traps dropped along the way...
Furthermore, she loves her house, her family, her friends, her roots. She looks for harmony in
daiily life and can't give her best in a hateful and tense environment, which she runs away
Her weakness? Carrying a little too much responsibility on her back sometimes.
[Quoi de neuf?]
Alizée is now known beyond our borders, since her first album Gourmandises has been
released in Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. An American career soon?...
A new single, still expected from the same album, should be released next April.
L'Alizé, second single from Gourmandises, has already sold more than 580 000 copies; as for
the album, it has passed 450 000 copies.
No concerts expected for the moment. Alizée, the pro that she has become, wants to be quite
ready, and is giving herself time...
If you're a fan, go check out Alizée's internet site: