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The business case for investing in
the natural environment
Charles Burt
“the sustainability experts”
The business case for investing in
the natural environment
Charles Burt
the sustainability experts
Is it all just about £££££?
“Sustainable development”
Sustainable development is one of those things
that everybody supports, but no-one knows
what it means in practice.
“Sustainable development is development that
meets the needs of the present without
compromising the ability of future generations
to meet their own needs” (Brundtland, Our common Future, UNEP, 1987)
.....sustainable economic growth???
What’s in it for me?
(or what’s in it for them?)
The Triple Bottom Line
Securing the Future, 2005
Guiding Principles:
• Living within environmental limits;
• Ensuring a strong healthy and just society;
• Achieving a sustainable economy;
• Promoting good governance;
• Using sound science responsibly.
Shared Priorities:
• Sustainable consumption and production;
• Climate change and energy;
• Promoting natural resources and enhancing
the environment;
• Creating sustainable communities and a
fairer world.
We need a balance
• “The business of business is business”
(Milton Friedman)
• Businesses only exist because society lets them
• Or – we deserve what we get?
Utilities....profit....or loss?
How things have changed!
• Increased energy prices – they are expected to increase
significantly over the next few years.
• Legislation from UK and Europe as governments attempt to
manage the climate change agenda.
• Pressures from Government and the public as these
stakeholders seek to help the public sector lead by example
on these issues.
• Public health impacts from climate change and increased
insurance premiums due to extreme weather patterns.
• Because biodiversity can’t adapt fast enough to the man
made rate of change.
Spot the coincidence…….
CO2 Concentration
Loss of Rainforest
Total GDP
Number of
Population Growth
Source: IPCC
Government procurement strategy
2005 – Securing the Future
2006 – Procuring the Future
2007 – UK Sustainable Procurement Action Plan
2007 – Policy Framework
2010 – Defra supports the Marrakech Task Force
What and how the Government buys,
impacts the market…
Public Sector spend in 2009 was over £250 billion a
Enough to drive significant changes and to move
NB – the need to walk the walk and talk the talk!
– …set the example
– …demonstrate best practice
– …influence the supply chain
– …foster innovation and productivity
A new goal…
“… using procurement/supply to support wider
social, economic and environmental
objectives, in ways that offer real
long-term benefits…”
Sir Neville Simms
Chairman, Sustainable Procurement Task Force (2006)
Purchasing sustainable products
We have a lot to be grateful for
We all have a choice...
Thank you for listening