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Insights and aspirations: our vision for
the future
Ann Steward
Australian Government Chief Information Officer
Deputy Secretary
Australian Government Information Management Office
McKinsey Global Institute, May 2011
• “If internet consumption and expenditure were a sector, its
weight in GDP would be bigger than energy, agriculture or
several other critical industries.”
• “The government’s own usage encourages citizen use, and
government e-transformation creates a large-scale, complex
demand that stimulates the supply ecosystem.”
Draft ICT Strategic Vision
Implementation Road Map
Digital Economy Strategy
• By 2020, Australia aims to be one of the world’s leading
digital economies
• Improved online government services delivery and
• Finance will work on:
• “tell us once” and
• Cloud Computing Strategy
• Established Cloud Information Community (CLIC)
Location-based information
• Aims to “spatially enable” the Australian Government
• Improve coordination, use and reuse of data, information
and systems
• A location information governance framework
location of Centrelink and Medicare access points
Parliamentary Workflow solution
Around 13 different systems in use across 40+ agencies
Costs more than $10 million each year
Workload has increased
Project will:
• improve service and support to Ministers
• facilitate collaboration
• reuse information