Download Basic Electricity, Ionic Equilibrium, & Nernst and Goldman Equations

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Ion Channels as pores…..
High capacitance of the PL bilayer is attributed
to the small length of the H-C chains (space between
the parallel plates).
Basic Electricity to Understand Biological Signals
The outer shell –
loss or gain of electrons
is the foundation of
Electronic Theory
What are the
analogous biological
membrane components
for a basic circuit?
Electron Theory
Positive to Negative
is the convention
attributed to Ben
Franklin, yet is not
Ohm’s Law is most widely used physical law in
Which is the biological circuit?
The Membrane
As a Capacitor
How does the capacitance
affect the voltage
How do you calculate
How can capacitance
determine size of the
Potential difference driven by ion composition
and ATPase pumps
The Nernst Equation
The Goldman Equation
What Do Current
Tell us about
Selectivity and
Ion Channel