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EWCM 41x0 family
New 32x74
Invensys Controls Europe
An Invensys Company
Product description
New compressors rack controller
Product architecture
 Panel mounting, case dimensions 32x74x75 mm (including cables)
 Case plastic in ABS, UL-94 V0;
 Power supply: 12 Vac 50/60 Hz;
 Removable connectors (outputs and inputs);
 RTC on board (for alarm history)
 Number of compressors adjustable by parameter (up to 4);
Advanced GUI
 4 digits LED display + 18 (colour) icons and leds to improve “easy to
use” Human Interface
Advanced control algorithms
 Historical data storage, inverter management, etc.
 Inverter Control of Compressors
 Inverter Control of Fans
Technical information
Technical information:
• Microprocessor:
• RAM:
• COM1
8bit 14.7MHz
4 Kbyte SRAM
128 Kbyte
UART 1, TTL for local conn. or monitoring connection
I/O’s resources:
• 4 A.I.
• 5 D.I.
• 4 or 5 D.O.
• 0 or 1 triac onboard
• 1 or 2 pulse outputs
• 0 or 1 A.O.
2 temp. + 2 config. (NTC/V/I or D.I.)
all SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage)
2A, 230Vac, SPST*
2A, 230Vac
SELV, V or I
Power supply:
• 12Vac +/-10%, 50/60Hz, no insulation provided
Physical layout
Panel Mounting Solution
Bus adapter
Copy Card
4120 connection schemes
4180 connection schemes
HMI: Display and Icons
Prog Menu
Alarm Icon
Heating mode
Cool Mode
Go into machine status menu
Access to subfolders
Set parameters value
5 secs pressure goes into Prog. menu
Display is Temperature (C/F)
Increase parameter value
Navigate through folders
5 secs pressure goes into band menu
Compressor ON
Decrease parameter value
Navigate through folder
5 secs pressure goes into setpoint menu
Exit from menues
5 secs pressure goes into a menu to select standard
Bar / Psi Display is pressure
Not configured LED (for future)
Compressors management. DIGITAL
•Can be used for homogeneous compressors up to 4;
•Higher is the distance from the set, higher is the number of step running;
•Start and stop values are calculated automatically dividing the band equal parts (=number of steps)
•Advanced policy on compressor management (Balancing / saturation / fixed sequence);
Compressors management. CONTINUOUS
•It’s a PROPORTIONAL control based on low pressure probe;
•Two Cut-Off function available (for minimum speed and for saturation);
Fans management.
•Uses proportional algorithm;
•In Chill mode can activate also “pre-ventilation” algorithm (fan speed at max before to turn on a
Fans management. CONTINUOUS
• At every start-up fans will be forced to spin at max power;
• If pre-ventilation is on, before to turn a compressor on fans are forced at a maximum speed.
Advanced functions
The controller can be turned On/Off by:
•Digital input;
Working hours:
Thanks to the installed RTC system can record working hours;
Historical Alarm:
Thanks to the RTC the system can record the time of alarms;