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Chemical Engineering
Elective Focus Area
Chemical Process Engineering
General Education Components1 (15 semester hours)
GEC courses consistent with career goals
15 s.h.
Statistics Elective (3 semester hours)
Probability and Statistics for Engineering and Physical Sciences
3 s.h.
Engineering Elective (3 semester hours)
3000-level Chemical Engineering Course
3 s.h
Advanced Chemistry Electives (6 semester hours)
(Recommended: the Analytical or Physical sequence)
Advanced Chemistry Course
Advanced Science Course
3 s.h.
3 s.h.
Free Electives (12 semester hours from the following list)
3000-level Engineering Course
3000-level Advanced Mathematics Course
Additional 3000-levelError! Bookmark not defined. Science or/and
Engineering Courses
3 s.h.
3 s.h.
6 s.h.
Note that students starting before Summer 2015 are held to a different GEC requirement than those starting after
Summer 2015 – Discuss with your CBE faculty advisor if you have questions about your GEC requirement.
March 2016
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