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Many companies like us include ‘technical
interviews’ in their recruitment process to
identify new talent
What is the purpose of the technical
– To find out how you would put skills, knowledge and
experience into practice
– To show how you would solve a problem
– To gain an insight into your behaviours and how you
would react in a difficult situation
– To find out what questions YOU might ask when faced
with a problem
– To find out how innovative you are; that is, whether
you're able to "think outside the box" to come up with
new solutions rather than using buzz words and jargon
Examples of technical questions and
– Design Engineering – What are the differences between
functional and non-functional prototypes?
Functional prototypes are used for testing whereas nonfunctional prototypes are used for form and fit checking.
Expand on the answers to discuss analysing design flaws,
tooling, etc.
Examples of technical questions and
– Electrical Engineering – Describe the operation of an OpAmp Circuit
Discuss basic operation – differential input consisting of an
inverting and non-inverting input and the op-amp amplifies
the difference between the two.
Discuss aspects such as output voltage, open loop, negative
feedback etc.
Examples of technical questions and
– Manufacturing Engineering – Give an overview of the
Toyota Production System i.e. Lean Manufacturing
The main goals of the TPS is to design out overburden,
inconsistency and eliminate waste.
Discuss aspects such as the 7 wastes, 5S, adding value &
Examples of technical questions and
– Mechanical Engineering – What other source could be
used for electric propulsion other than a diesel
For example, a gas turbine could be used rather than a diesel
Discuss advantages and disadvantages of each to emphasise
your understanding.
Examples of technical questions and
– Project Management – Describe the Project Evaluation
and Review Technique (PERT Analysis)
PERT is a powerful tool that helps you to schedule and
manage complex projects. It acts as the basis both for
preparation of a schedule, and of resource planning.
Discuss Activity Lists, Gantt Charts and Critical Path Analysis
What sources of evidence can you
What the interviewer will be looking for:
– Experience you have of working in a multi-disciplinary
– Examples of project work that you have undertaken,
displaying your knowledge and awareness of main
project indicators such as time, cost and quality and the
effect these have on the scope of work
– Displaying a broad and comprehensive understanding of
principles, practices and standards relevant to the role
and the industry overall
– A degree of competence in understanding the main
business aims and objectives and company products
What has impressed us?
Preparing for Technical Interview Questions
– Review job-related skills or experience listed on your CV
and be sure you can describe them in depth.
– Research and understand the skills that the company are
requiring. Prepare answers that relate to your abilities in
these areas.
– Read industry specific publications.
– Talk with professionals in the field.
Answering Technical Interview
– Be sure you understand the question; ask for clarification
if necessary.
– Use pictures and diagrams if they will help you explain
the concept.
– If you have to say “I don’t know’ do it in a positive way
e.g. “I don’t know the answer to that question. However
if I had to address that issue in the workplace, here is
what I would do…”
– Remember - we are evaluating your thought process and
problem-solving abilities as much as your answer!
– Be direct, solid, and assertive.