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College Court Townhomes
Tenancy Limits
The University Corporation (TUC) owns and manages thirty-one housing units in the College Court
Townhomes. TUC makes these units available at below-market rental rates to faculty and staff of
California State University Northridge (University). This program assists the University in employing and
retaining qualified faculty and staff, who otherwise might be unable to locate to the San Fernando Valley
due to its high cost of living.
The College Court Townhomes are not intended as a permanent housing option for faculty and staff.
Rather, they are intended to provide transitional housing to faculty and staff as they establish themselves
at the University and arrange for permanent housing.
In the interest of benefiting as many faculty/staff as possible, and using TUC resources in a way that best
serves the University, the length of tenancy at College Court shall henceforth be limited to three (3) years.
Thomas McCarron, Executive Director
Approved by the Board of Directors on May 20, 2004