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What Makes a Leader?
Dr. Hays
Leadership and Ethics
Bishop Kearney High School
James MacGregor Burns
Leadership is about values
– Three Types
 Ethical virtues
 Ethical values
 Moral values
Ethical Virtues
Old fashioned character tests
– Sobriety
– Chastity
– Abstention
– Kindness
– Altruism
– Rules of personal conduct
Ethical Values
Crucially important to transactional leaders
 Tend to be culture based and diverse
– Honesty
– Integrity
– Trustworthiness
– Reliability
– Reciprocity
Moral Values
Lie at the heart of transforming leadership
 Standards by which we measure our
character, our transactions, our policies,
and our programs
– Security
– Liberty
– Equality
– Justice
– Community
Was Adolf Hitler a Leader?
Was Hitler a Leader?
He was a mis-leader
– Personally cruel
– Vindictive
– Politically duplicitous
– Treacherous
– Ideologically vicious
– Annihilative