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How to label a figure
If symbols defined
earlier in text, OK.
Otherwise, define
Axis labeled,
with units!
Figure #
What it’s
Figure Title
Figure 1. The rates of photosynthesis of control (HH and LL) and experimental (LH and HL)
Alliaria petiolata leaves in high intensity light (400-500 μmol m-2s-1). No statistically significant
difference was found between the rates of photosynthesis of leaves from different sources, in
different growth chamber environments, or between the interaction of source and growth
chamber environment (95% confidence level). This figure shows the median, quartiles, and
outliers for both control and experimental groups.
If you include a figure,
introduce it in the text
Example: Leaf thickness, which was determined by
measuring mass per unit area, was found to be
significantly higher for sun plants versus shade plants
(Fig. 2).
Same format, but table #/title/descriptions go
ABOVE the table