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The name of this dance means
lightening. The Kebyar is danced by
two women with long, black hair,
with some flowers at the top of there
heads. They have Fans on one hand,
they move fast and boldly. Their feet
are strongly on the ground, and
hands and feet move fast
Javanese Dances
Java Nisa dances are still preformed in the
Java island . Starting classes are open to
visitors and are held in the rich homes in
Yogyakarta and Sura-karta as well as in the
courts themselves of Mang-kuna-garan and
The Rejang is a dance that is performed by
women. They move in a slow and proud way
twirling fans or lifting their dresses. Their
costumes range from very simple to special
dresses complete with headdresses, as you
would likely find in Ten-gan-an.
The Baris, means warrior. It is a dance
performed by men. The movements are sharp
and fast and it is hard to decide whether it is
the dancer that follows the music, or the
other way around. The dancers wear special
head decorations, from a gold-coloured
headband to leaves and strings of blossoms.
The Pendet is usually performed by married
women, moving in a very grand way to carry
and present offerings to the gods and the
Gambuh tells the story of a Javanese prince in
his journey for a beautiful princess. Written
records describing this dance go back 1000
years, making it the oldest known dance on the
island of Bali.
The story normally opens with a princess and a
group of her servants
Indonesian dancing is a very important part of
Indonesian culture and a lot of people come to
see it preformed. Dances are usually about
stories and tales of fairy-tale characters. The
stories are usually about good challenging evil
and also the other way round. There are
hundreds of Indonesian dances which is why I
cannot explain them all but the following dances
are very interesting and all very different with
different meanings.