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History of Mesopotamia wikipedia, lookup

Mesopotamia wikipedia, lookup

Name _______________________ Period ___
Date ______________
Development of Writing in Mesopotamia
Directions: Use the Kids Discover Mesopotamia Magazine (pg 6, 7 and 15)
to learn about early Record Keeping.
Cylinder Seals
(pg 6)
Clay Tokens
(pg 15)
How they were made
Uses of Tool or Record
Wedge - shaped writing
scratched on to Clay
tablets with a wooden
Earliest form of
record keeping
Taught to sons of
Wealthy families
Images carved into
stone creating a raised
image when rolled on
moist clay.
Used to mark a
merchant’s shipment
Or stamp an official
Clay put into the shape of a Represented different
sphere with a cylinder
items such as grains or
seal rolled over them
Sheep to keep track of
trades. The early form
of a Bill from shipments
Clay Tablets and Hardened mud with
(pg. 15)
Used to send Letters