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Two Sides of Fire
…. Fire can be destructive.
But it can be
beneficial as well…..
Key Points
• What Determines fire Behavior?
• What happens in a forest with no change or lack
of fire?
• Fire kills disease, reduces harmful insect
populations, and returns nutrients to the soil.
• Forests need change to remain healthy.
Fire Dependent Species
Examples are longleaf and ponderosa pine
Fire dependent species need fire at regular intervals to
remain healthy.
Red cockaded woodpecker in longleaf pine ecosystem.
• Low intensity, surface
• Reduces fuel buildup
• Increases health
• Returns nutrients to
• Increase habitat
• High intensity
• Can develop into
destructive crown fire
• Loss of habitat
• Soil damage &
• Dangerous near
urban interface
Points to Ponder
• Know Fire Triangle
• Fire helps the forest change and renew.
• A forest ecosystem that is not changing is
dead or dying.
• The relationship of Native Americans and
Ecosystem Management
• Prescribed burning: low level surface fire
designed reduce brush, regenerate and renew
the forest.
• Salvage or thinning forest stands: to reduce
competition, overcrowding, and to reduce fuel
• Natural prescribed burn: naturally occuring fires
that are allowed to burn to accomplish the
management objectives of the forest.