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Exotic Species
“So, Jack, is this bean stalk
an introduced species?”
Florida Everglades
Don’t flush or dump
into Lake Ontario!!
was released in the 1960s from
aquariums into waterways in Florida. By
the 1990s, control and management were
costing millions of dollars each year.
is native to North America and is
also widely used as aquarium vegetation.
The introduction of some species of
Elodea into waterways in parts of Europe,
Australia, Africa, Asia, and New Zealand
has created a significant problem and it is
now considered a noxious weed in these
are native to China.
It is illegal to keep snakeheads
as pets in all states of the USA
as they have become an
invasive species due to
irresponsible owners releasing
them into the wild when they
could/would no longer take
care of them.
Although this guy is tough-looking, he probably wouldn’t survive
more than 5 minutes in Lake Ontario . . . the water’s