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The Lake Superior
Binational Program
• Initial and ongoing focus upon
bioaccumulative toxins.
• Basin-wide, ecosystem
approach using a Lakewide
Management Plan (LaMP).
• Partnership approach to
achieve goals.
A Vision for Lake Superior
We seek a Lake Superior Watershed … that is a
clean, safe environment where diverse life forms
exist in harmony; where the environment can
support and sustain economic development, and
where citizens are committed to regional
cooperation and a personal philosophy of
The Superior Work Group and
LaMP Implementation
• Chemicals of Concern
• Habitats & Species at
• Developing Regional
Chemicals of Concern
• A “Zero Discharge
• Promotion of closedcycle industrial systems.
• Residential knowledge
and awareness of
household vectors.
Habitats & Species at Risk
• Protect and maintain
existing high-quality
habitat sites in the basin
and the ecosystem
processes that sustain
• Restore degraded plant
and animal habitat.
Developing Regional
Human use of the
Lake Superior
ecosystem by all
people in the
watershed should be
consistent with the
highest social and
scientific standards
for sustainable use.