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Newton's laws of motion wikipedia, lookup

Newton’s Laws of motion
Unit Portfolio Presentation
Unit Summary
This project based learning focuses on Newton’s
three laws of motion. Students explore the
relationship between the Net force and the
acceleration of an object. Students will conduct a
variety of experiments to understand the meaning
of Inertia, Net force, Action/Reaction forces.
Students will create a slideshow presentation, a
website and posters that explain the motion of
different objects under the effect of different
Curriculum-Framing Questions
Essential Question
What factors affect the objects’ state of motion in the universe?
Unit Questions
Why an astronaut push to move a weightless box in the space?
Which car is harder to stop?
What is the net force acting on an object under the effect of two forces:
– 5 N to the left and 5 N to the right.
– 5 N to the left and 5N to the left.
– 5N westward and 5 N northward.
Two students are pulling a book with equal forces in opposite direction.
Will the book move?
When your car is moving at constant velocity, are there force acting on
Content Questions
To accelerate your car, what do you do? Why?
To slow down your car, what do you do? Why?
Why do you bend forward, when the car brakes are applied?
Two skiers are initially at rest, one pushes the other forward.
How will the second one move?
Power Point on Newton’s laws
This project will help the students
understand and apply Newton’s laws.
•Collaborating with peers.
•Analyzing the Laws and drawing
conclusions to answer unit questions.
•Solving problems and applying it to explain
real life situations.
•Communicating and inter-acting through
Gauging Student Needs Assessment
Purpose of the Assessment
To gather information about what students already know and what they
need to know.
What I want to learn from my students?
I want to find out what they already know about acceleration and vector
How I have tried to promote higher-order thinking?
I tried to make the students identify the fact whether the resistance to
motion depends on mass or weight.
How the assessment information helps me and my students plan
for upcoming activities in the unit?
If students have misconceptions about vectors and acceleration
quantities, I can provide scaffolds. If students have different levels of
understanding about the topic, I can provide various resources. We will
revisit this assessment throughout the unit for students to add their
My Goals for the Course
• Find ways to get my students more
interested in learning science
• Learn about different kinds of technology
my students and I can use
• Share ideas with other teachers
Goals for My Students
• To learn how scientists collect and think
about data
• To become more independent learners