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Presidential Candidates ...
1. George Bush
2. Al Gore
3. Ralph Nader
4. Pat Buchanon
George Bush
 George
W. Bush is the 46th Governor of the
state of Texas. Now in his second term, Bush has
earned a reputation as a compassionate
conservative who shapes policy based on the
principles of limited government, personal
responsibility, strong families and local control.
Ralph Nader
In November, 1980, Nader resigned as
director of Public Citizen in order to devote
his energy toward other projects, he is one of
Americas most effective Social critics. He has
been called muckraker, Consumer Crusade,
and Public Defender.
Al Gore
Al Gore served in the U.S. army in
Vietnam. He worked for seven years as
a newspaper reporter and then was
elected to Congress from Tennessee.
After eight years in the House of
Representatives and eight years as U.S.
Senator from Tennessee, he was elected
Vice President of the United States.
Pat Buchanan
Pat Buchanan is the nominee for
the Reform Party. He has the support of
many of the people of the Christian Right
and has strong conservative values.