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•This slide show contains facts and pictures
about the
goddess Diana.
The main ideas :
• The myth
•Diana and her uncle
• Parthenon temple
•Athens was named after
Diana also known as Athena,
Or Pallas Athena
•Was considered the guardian
of Athenian People.
•Also Known as the goddess of
•Parents :Metis and Zeus
•According to the myth she
appeared on her dad’s
•She wore a golden battle
•Diana was Zeus favorite
•She was known to be
beautiful, a beauty that hid
under her helmet.
•Was her fathers ally, and
• Her Protection allowed the suffering
heroes to return safely.
• Was the only one of Zeus children
that knew where he stored his
lightning bolts.
•Like her dad , Diana wasn’t
compassionate or emotional
•She Had favorites.
• Inventor
of the flute, the chariot,
the plough and the ox-yoke.
•Named because she defended
• Was champion of justice and civil
•Although she was known as the goddess of
war she worked on preventing war.
•When there was war she fought efficiently.
•Her companion was the owl, the owl
represented wisdom.
•Diana’s uncle, Poseidon
was the sea god.
•Diana and her uncle
competed for the Greek
•They Competed for the city
•Diana’s statue was in there.
•They began to build it in 449 B.C
Pictures of Diana :
Information Of Diana: