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Wilson Montessori
November 5, 2015
The Paw Print
Fall Festival and Lantern Walk!
The Wilson Fall Festival (Harvest Celebration) will be held Saturday,
November 14th from 2:00—6:00 pm. The festival will end with our annual Lantern Walk! The festival promises to be engaging and exciting!
We will have games, food, inflatables, booths, silly string area, remote
control race cars, petting zoo, karaoke, and more. We are especially
ambitious because we have added a dunking booth and we are continuing our color run! Our food court is going to be very exciting with pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, and so much more.
An annual tradition for the Wilson community, the festival is a fundraiser for the Parent-Teacher Organization. The Wilson PTO helps the
school by paying fees for conferences and funding special projects on
the campus like Urban Harvest and our fine arts/music courses. Tickets
and T-shirts are available for sale next week on Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday. Save yourself some time and buy your tickets before the
Dates to
November 6– Fabulous First Friday
Free Dress
November 9 –PAT
meeting Library @
5:30 PM
November 10-11 –
Cooking @ Wilson
with Kindergarten
November 11—
SDMC Meeting @
4:45 PM
November 12- Pizza Fundraiser for
Upper Elementary
3:15 PM—???
November 14—Fall
Festival!! 2:00—
6:00 PM
November 18—
Early Dismissal @
12:45 PM
November 19—
PTO Board Meeting
@ 6:30 PM in Library
November 20—
Breakfast with Bonnette @ 8:30 AM in
Jump Rope for Heart
Jump rope for Heart has officially begun! We are thrilled to be supporting the American Heart Association again this year! We are teaching
our students and families how to take care of their hearts while raising
money to support research and education initiatives to save lives in our
community. We hope you are as excited as we are to support our students in this important experience.
Students have received their paperwork during PE class and will have
until November 12th to collect donations. The jumping event takes
place November 12th during school. All students will be jumping during their ancillary classes that day. Show your support for the American Heart Association and commitment to living heart healthy!
Wilson Montessori Mission Statement
The Woodrow Wilson community is a diverse, student-centered environment
dedicated to the promotion of safety, high achievement, creativity and teamwork in
learning. We encourage all children to become responsible citizens and
develop their individual strengths.
PTO Reminders!
Fall Festival: Our annual Fall Festival and Lantern Walk will be held
on November 14th! This event continues to get better every year with
parents like YOU!! To be a part of the 2015 Fall Festival Planning Committee, contact Aimee Wood.
Woodrow Wilson Montessori is
located at 2100 Yupon St.,
The Wilson PTO helps the school by paying fees for conferences and
funding special projects on the campus like Urban Harvest and our fine
arts/music courses. Volunteers are still needed for games, booths and
ticket sales, so please volunteer if you are able! Just one hour of your
time can help us make our festival a great success! Please go to and sign up for a one hour shift for the Fall Festival!
Our phone number is
Target REDcard: Did you know that Wilson Montessori gets a
check every year from Target? Parents and community members who
link their REDcard account to Wilson, School ID # 98808, allow Target
to donate 1% of each linked card sale directly to Wilson! If you have a
REDcard, please link to Wilson Montessori School!
Houston TX 77006
713-942-1470. Our fax number
Our Website is
Office hours are 7:30am to
4:00 pm
If you have questions, please
call us!
Virtue of the Week
This week we are discussing the virtue of excellence. Excellence is
doing your very best. It is giving your best to any task you do or
any relationship you have. Excellence is effort guided by a noble
purpose. It is a desire to do your very best.
The virtue of the week for next week is helpfulness. Helpfulness is
being of service. It is doing useful things for people, such as things
they cannot do for themselves, something they do not have time to
do, or just little things that make life easier. It is important to be
helpful to ourselves too, by taking care of our bodies. There are
many opportunities to volunteer in Houston and even at our own
school. How could you volunteer to be helpful?
Fabulous Fossils
Tip of the Week
Sleep and School-aged Children
Sleep problems and disorders are
prevalent at this age. Poor or inadequate sleep can lead to mood
swings, behavioral problems such
as hyperactivity and cognitive
problems that impact on their
ability to learn in school.
Professionals suggest that parents
teach children about healthy sleep
habits, keep TV and computers
out of the bedroom, avoid caffeine,
make the child’s bedroom conducive to sleep—dark, cool and quiet, and continue to emphasize the
need for regular and consistent
sleep schedule and bedtime routines.
This week in science we will be exploring evidence of life
from long ago. Students will explore a visiting fossil exhibit
from the See-and-Touch Museum and learn how fossils
are made. Be sure to ask your children about their favorite
specimens! Words to watch for: Battery, Circuit, Conduc-
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