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Monuments and buildings to
World History I SOL Tutoring
The first ever sign that Humans Can
create amazing places to live and work
An Early recognizable Monument:
We will start with an easy one:
One more easy one:
A little Harder:
(from Mesopotamia)
The Earliest Monuments were:
• Great Wall of China
• Pyramids of Egypt
• Ziggurats of Sumer in MEsopotamia
Moving forward, what is this and
where is it?
What types of columns does it have?
Greek columns:
This statue is inside it, who is this?
Now to Rome:
What is this?
What is it used for?
What Roman architectural design do
they all use?
A little harder….
What is the domed roof made out of?
(hint: the Romans invented it)
What is this building?
Where is this building?
How about this one?
Yet to learn:
The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
(painted by Michelangelo)
Chichen Itza – a pyramid built by the
Maya in Central America
Machu Picchu - an Incan city in the
mountains of South America