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Perseus was the son of Zeus. Who was sent
on a task to fetch the head of a gorgon.
Perseus fought Medusa by looking at her
reflection in his shield and cut off her head.
Pegasus sprang from her blood and carried
Perseus towards home. On the way home
he rescued Andromeda from Cetus the sea
The stars of Perseus
Algol “The demon’s head” or Gorgon
Distance 93 Light Years
Magnitude 2.09
Color: Blue
Perseus is linked in the sky with Andromeda; the
princess he saved from Cetus the whale with
Medusa’s head
King Cepheus is also found near Perseus.
He was Andromeda’s father.
The constellation cassiopeia is near Perseus. She
was Andromeda’s mother
Perseus’ winged horse Pegasus who
sprang from medusa’s head
Double Star Cluster
The California nebula is a deep sky object located
within Perseus
Perseus in the celestial sphere
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