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The sky
Our place
in space
Polaris and
$1000 $1000
About 3000
About how many stars are
visible on a clear dark night
with just your eyes?
Which star moves less than
any other star in the night sky
be specific..
1 hour
You have been sitting out watching the
star and you notice that the star you
are watching has moved about 15
degrees, how long have you been
Denab, Altair and Vega
What are the three stars in the
summer triangle
In Taurus
When the sun rises it is located in
the constellation Taurus, what
constellation will it set in?
23.5 degrees
What is the tilt of the earth on
its axis?
The time it takes for Earth to
complete an orbit around the
Sun is called a
Universe, Local Group, Milky Way and
Solar System
Put the following in order
from largest to smallest:
Milky Way, Local group,
solar system and Universe
We are not in the center of our solar system,
which is not in the center of the Milky Way
and we are just one of a billion galaxies in
the universe. Earth is made of common
elements found throughout the universe.
Why is Earth considered
ordinary as a planet?
100 billion stars
The Milky Way Contains which of
the following:
100,000 stars
100 million stars
100 Billion stars
Groups of stars making an
apparent pattern in the
celestial sphere are called
Brightest star
In general, what is true of the
alpha star in a constellation
If your astrological sign is Aries
according to tradition, what
constellation is the sun actually in
on your date of birth?
The sun appears to move Eastward about 1
degree per day which makes it appear in a
new zodiac constellation each month.
What happens to signs of the
zodiac as Earth revolves
around the sun?
Into how many constellations
is the celestial sphere divided
by the IAU?
26,000 Years
How long is the
Precession cycle
-90 degrees
The celestial pole is located
at what declination?
0 degrees
The equator is at
what declination?
Light minutes or seconds
The solar system
would be measured in
terms of light
How many arc seconds are in a
Celestial sphere
Astronomical objects are
viewed against the
background of the _?
North Pole
Where on Earth are you if
Polaris is at your Zenith
+90 to -90 degrees
What is the range of values
for declination?
0 hours to 23 hours
What is the range of values
for Right Ascension
North and South poles are North and south
Celestial poles, Equator is the Celestial equator,
longitude is Right Ascension, Latitude is
declination Prime meridian is Vernal equinox.
Compare the terms in our
terrestrial sphere to the
celestial sphere.
Precision shifting the celestial pole
Polaris will not always be in
the night sky due to
North Pole
Where on Earth would you be if Polaris was at
your Zenith
Circumpolar constellations
These constellations circle
around the North Star, are
always visible and never go
below the horizon.
Polaris lies next to the Celestial pole, so as
the Earth rotates on its axis daily, the stars
appear to revolve around the north celestial
Why does Polaris appear to
move the least of any object
in the sky?
43 degrees
If Seattle is at 43 degrees north
Latitude, where is Polaris in the