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Alice Mello Cavallo & Shaundra L. Bryant
Technology Review
March 29, 2004
• General Description
• Activities Overview
• Evaluation
Little, Middle, and Big
• Size matching
• Help Little, Middle, and
Big to find shoes
• Randomly places shoes
on shelve and each
character asks for some
• Incorrect: “Too
• Correct: “Thanks! These
fit nice”
Let’s Build A Mouse House
• Shape recognition
• Asks for the shape and
child moves it from one
side to the other
• Incorrect: “Uh, oh
that’s a square”
• Correct: “Great!”
• Once finished other
mice do a dance
What’s My Number?
• Counting, Addition,
and Subtraction
• Duck prompts child to
put the same number
of shapes on her stage
• Incorrect: “They don’t
• Correct: “Good Job” +
Bing and Boing
• Learning
• Child is shown
sequence first then
prompted to repeat
• Incorrect: “Oops
try another one”
• Correct: “All right”
Let’s Make a Bug!
• Number and Shape
• Rabbit asks child to make
a bug with a certain
number of the shapes on
from the panel
• Incorrect: “That’s too
• Correct: “Nice Bug” + bug
rolls or flies away
Cookie Factory
• Numbers and quantities
• Help Horse to put the
correct number of jelly
beans on the cookie
• Counts and shows the
number that is on the
• Incorrect: Froggy gets to
eat the cookie
• Correct: Horsey gets to
eat it
This is the number machine!
•Learning to count 10’s, 20’s and 30’s
•Worm asks to find a number in the
cashier machine.
•Correct: the draw opens up and that same
number of characters will appear one by
one while they are being counted.
•Incorrect: The incorrect number is
displayed and it is said aloud: “This is
number X”.
•If there are more than 3 mistakes, it
erases (unable) all the numbers in the
rows where the required number is not
•If there are 4 mistakes than it erases all
the numbers except the required one.
Evaluation - Likes
•Animation and Sounds
•Clear speaking
•Succinct phrases
•Gender neutral animal characters
•Rabbit, horse, frog, blobs, duck
•Fundamental Math Skills
•Counting, adding, subtracting,
pattern matching
•Semi-self directed
•Curriculum Equivalence
•Easy Installation
•Free Mode and Guided Mode
•Massachusetts Framework
•Put in cd and follow directions
Evaluation- Dislikes
•Limited activities
•Not much depth
•Child guided to answer
•May stumble onto answer without
•Slow execution
•Wait before get to next activity
•Not age appropriate
•Perhaps for under 5, otherwise
•Limited Creativity
•Even in free mode is restrictive
Evaluation -- Overall
• Fun
• Use in conjunction with teaching for better
• Only use for 5 and under
3 Star Rating