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Brand & Corporate Identity
Lesley Sargeant
Tuesday 11th July 2006
Remember these…
Top 10 brands we love
Top 10 brands we love
• Google
• Tesco
• Nokia
• eBay
• Persil
• Dell
• Coca cola
• Debenhams
• British Airways
• BBC One
Top 10 brands we love – why?
• Google – innovation, simplicity, independent
• Tesco – “every little helps”
• Nokia – product quality, design & technology
• eBay – universal appeal, value for money
• Persil – consistent message delivery “gets whites whiter”
• Dell – affordable, high quality
• Coca cola – category leader, heritage, $billion budget
• Debenhams – family appeal, good range
• British Airways – patriotism, strong branding
• BBC One – “an institution”, we own it
Top 10 brands we hate
Top 10 brands we hate
• Pot Noodle
• Novon (Sainsbury's)
• McDonalds
• Tiny
• Fiat
• 3
• The Star
• Sunny Delight
• The Sun
Top 10 brands we hate – why?
• Pot Noodle – aggressive & niche targeted advertising
• QVC – customer service, product quality
• Novon (Sainsbury's) – a name, not a brand
• McDonalds – rainforests, obesity, ubiquity
• Tiny – customer experience
• Fiat – build quality
• 3 – ability to engage customer with the technology
• The Star – editorial stance, marketing messages
• Sunny Delight – nutritional benefits
• The Sun – patronising editorial
Product brands – the quality must match the expectation
Car ads have strong product focus
Brands we love & brands we hate
Brands we love & brands we hate
High street shop
Marks & Spencer
TK Maxx
French Connection
Car Marques
Home Appliances
Travel Companies
Thomas Cook
Beauty Products
Stella McCartney
Cancer Research
Christian Aid
Football Clubs
Manchester United
Manchester United
What makes up a brand?
A brand is not just:
• A logo
• The product name
• The packaging and design
• The quality of the product
• The customer experience
• The things you read about
• The people that answer the phone…
It is all of these!
Slogan – the essence of the brand in one, short memorable sentence.
Make the product the hero
Personality – what would it be like if the brand were human?
The power of personality
Values – what does it stand for or against?
What else should I think about?
Taste/appearance – what does the brand look like, how does it
speak, what does it wear?
Have a clear message
Stories – brand ‘stories’ explain what it’s about and how it evolved.
Emotional benefits – what does the brand do for its customers emotionally?
Hard benefits – what does the brand offer its customers in tangible,
quantifiable terms?
Market research
Brand evolution
Brand revolution
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