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Mining Traffic Stream and
Vehicle/pedestrian Networks
Philip S. Yu
Professor & Wexler Chair in Information Technology
Computer Science Department
University of Illinois at Chicago
Problem Statement and Motivation
• With the advancement on sensor, GPS and
wireless technologies, transportation system
transforms from data poor to data rich.
• Challenges:
• Real-time requirement
• Complexity of the data
• Spatio-temporal correlation
• Noisy or uncertain data
• Privacy preservation
Prediction of congested areas
GPS applications
- database compaction through object simplification
- faster pattern matching
Collision Detection
collision detection can be more efficient using segmentation
- approximate object movement
Technical Approach
• Develop real-time stream processing capability
to address monitoring type applications
• Develop new scalable mining techniques to
discover traffic and traversal patterns
• Explore graph OLAP technique to zoom in/out a
huge graph for analysis on different granularities
• Explore learning from heterogeneous sources to
address lacking of training examples
Key Achievements and Future Goals
• Real-time data stream mining algorithms
with concept drifts, and uncertainty
• Indexing and similarity search methods for
• Online Analytical Processing paradigms
for Information Network
• Privacy preservation techniques
• Learning from heterogeneous examples
• Explore green technology
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