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TC Report for the 2013 June AdCom Meeting (June 18, 2013)
Data Mining Technical Committee
Chair: Barbara Hammer
Vice-Chairs: Carlotta Domeniconi
Zhi-Hua Zhou
DMTC Members
2012 Jun AdCom
38 Members
2013 Jun AdCom
41 Members
North America: 14
Latin America: 1
Europe: 11
North America: 13
Latin America: 2
Europe: 12
Africa: 0
Asia: 7
Oceania: 5
Africa: 0
Asia: 9
Oceania: 5
Male: 29, Female: 9
New Members: 3
Male: 34, Female: 7
Industry or equivalent: 7
New Members: 15
DMTC Main Conference Statistics
CIDM: IEEE Symposium on Computational
Intelligence and Data Mining
65/123 (53%)
SSCI: Paris 53/111 (48%)
46/80 (57%)
Comp: Competitions
DMTC Task Forces
1. Competitions, Chair: Sven F. Crone
2. Medical Data Analysis, Chair: Paulo Lisboa, Vice Chairs: Alfredo
Vellido, Leif Peterson
3. Process Mining, Chair: Wil van der Aalst
4. Data Visualization and Data Analysis, Chair: Barbara Hammer, Vice
Chairs: Laurens van der Maaten, Daniel Keim
5. Educational Data Mining, Chair: Longbing Cao, Vice Chair: Jinyan
6. Evaluation and quality issues in data mining, Chair: Philippe Lenca,
Vice Chair: Stephane Lallich
7. Big Data Sets, Chair: Nitesh Chawla, Vice Chair: Paulo Lisboa
8. New: Data mining in industrial applications, Chair: Yi Lu Murphey,
Co-chairs: Thomas A. Montgomery, Mahmoud Abou-Nasr (proposal
Activities at SSCI 2013
Symposium co-chairs:
1. “Computational Intelligence in Dynamic and Uncertain Environments
(CIDUE)” (Robi Polikar)
2. “Computational Intelligence and Data Mining (CIDM)” (B. Hammer,
L.Wang, Z. Zhou, N.Chawla)
Special Sessions at CIDM:
1.Interpretable systems in machine learning, data analysis, and
2.Process Mining
3.Data Mining in Industrial Applications
Plenaries: Paolo Lisboa, CIBCB
Activities at conferences in 2012/2013
(apart from TF activities)
Tutorial at The Sixth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining
(WSDM'13) entitled "Models and Algorithms for Social Influence Analysis."
Tutorial at WWW'13 entitled "mining data semantics“
IEEE ICDM-2012 co-chair of tenth International Workshop on Fuzzy Logic and
Applications (WILF 2013) in Genoa (Italy)
General Chair WSOM 2012, Santiago, Chile
Co-chair conference Data mining for Business Intelligence, Bridging the Gap, 2013,
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Program Co-Chair 4th MultiClust Workshop on Multiple Clusterings, Multi-view Data,
and Multi-source Knowledge-driven Clustering in conjunction with the 19th ACM
SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Special Session Chair" for The Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial
Intelligence (PRICAI), September 2012.
Chair PAKDD‘13,
Special sessions:
Special Session on Machine Learning Methods for Processing and Analysis of
Hyperspectral Data at ESANN 2013, Andreas Backhaus, Marika Kästner, Udo Seiffert,
and Thomas Villmann
Special session on Parallel hardware architectures at ESANN’12
Special session on Recent Advances in Clustering at ESANN’12
Activities for CIS related/other journals
(apart from TF activities)
Special issues:
Special issue ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST)
entitled "knowledge graph and semantic computing“
Machine Learning journal special issue on “Learning from multi-label data”, 2012,
vol.88, no.1-2, guest editor
ACM Trans. Intelligent Systems and Technology special issue on “Distance metric
learning in intelligent systems”, 2012, vol.3, no.3, guest editor
Guest editor WSOM Special Issue of Neurocomputing (under way)
Guest editor, Special Issue on “Neural Networks for Remotely Sensed Data
Interpretation, EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing
Guest editor, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observation and
Remote Sensing about "Machine Learning for Remote Sensing Data Processing“
(under way)
Guest editor ‚New Challenges in Neural Computation‘, Neurocomputing (under
Guest editor, ‚Recent advances in Neural Computation‘, KI
Regional Editor Neural Computing & Applications
EIC journal DAMI
Editorial board of diverse relevant journals including IEEETNNLS,
Neurocomputing, NPL, ...
Books related to data mining
1. Z.-H. Zhou. Ensemble Methods: Foundations and Algorithms, Boca
Raton, FL: Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2012. (ISBN 978-1-439-830031)
2. Book: Imbalanced Learning: Foundations, Algorithms, and Applications,
H. He and Y. Ma, Editors, Wiley-IEEE, 2013, in press.
3. Computational Intelligent Data Analysis for Sustainable Development,
Chapman and Hall, 2013, Ting Yu; Nitesh Chawla, University of Notre
Dame, Indiana, USA; Simeon Simoff
4. P.Estevez, J Principe, P Zegers, Advances in Self-organizing Maps, AISC
198, Springer 2013
Discussions in the 2013 DMTC meeting
at SSCI’13, Singapore
1. status memberships CIDM (possibilities to raise members from Africa,
female members)
2. status of CIDM (number of contributions, publicity, handling of posters,
acceptance criteria)
3. status of task forces (relations in between task forces, how can DMTC
support task forces)
4. IEEE journals, in particular journal on big data
5. feasibility/reasonability to organize a symposium on big data at SSCI’14
New Symposium on Big Data at SSCI’14
1. Discussions among SSCI main chair (Haibo He), DMTC chairs
(Barbara Hammer, Zhi-Hua Zhou, Carlotta Domeniconi), chair of task
force on big data (Nitesh Chawla), potential chairs of CIBD Symposium
(Yaochu Jin, Yonghong Peng)
2. CIBD: There will be a separate symposium on big data, co-organized
by Yaochu Jin, Yonghong Peng, Nitesh Chawla, Marios Polycarpou at
SSCI‘14 under the umbrella of DMTC (Yaochu Jin, Nitesh Chawla
being DMTC members)
DMTC chair’s plan for 2013/14
1. Encourage TC members and TF Chairs to propose tutorials,
workshops, panels, competitions for SSCI 2014 and WCCI
2. Encourage TC members and TF Chairs to propose special
issues on CIS sponsored journals.
3. Foster task force Big Data, foster dedicated symposium CIBD
4. Foster cross-links of TFs
5. Foster balance of DMTC, TF members as regards geographic
6. Encourage members to think about new task forces
Task Force Report for 2012/2013 Meeting
DMTC - TF on Competitions (1/2)
Chair: Sven F. Crone (UK)
Isabelle Guyon (USA)
Gavin Cawley (UK)
Richard Weber (Chile)
Amaury Lendasse (Finland)
Stefan Lessmann (Germany)
• establish standards for competitions in the area of DM
• facilitate competitions by providing infrastructure /
Task Force Report for 2012/2013 Meeting
DMTC - TF on Competitions (2/2)
Activities in 2012/2013:
1.Competition chair @ IJCNN 2013 (3 competitions running!)
1. Sourcing of Competitions & Marketing
2. Coordination of special sessions and workshops on
competitions for IJCNN
2. liaison to coordinate activities with Standards TC
Planned Activities in 2013:
1. Maintaining webpage on “NN Forecasting Competitions”
(since 2008)
Task Force Report for 2013 April at IEEE-SSCI
Task Force on Medical Data
Analysis (1/2)
Chair: Paulo Lisboa (UK)
Vice-Chair(s): Leif Peterson (USA), Alfredo Vellido (Spain)
Members: Adam Gaweda (USA), Jose Martin (Spain), Azzam
Taktak (UK)
• foster applications of data mining in medical applications
• identify specific demands (such as interpretability, big data,
Task Force Report for 2013 April at IEEE-SSCI
Task Force on Medical Data
Analysis (2/2)
Activities in 2012-13:
1.CIBCB’13 keynote ‘Interpretability in Computational Intelligence
2.Proposed special session on ‘Interpretable models for bioinformatics
and biosignals’ at CIBCB’13
3.IEEE Summer School proposal on Interpretable Methods in Machine
Learning and Computational Intelligence
4.Programme Chair: Advances in Medical Signal and Information
Processing (MEDSIP 2012), Liverpool.
5.Special session on ‘Sparsity for interpretation and visualization in
inference models’ at ESANN 2013, Bruges.
Planned activities for 2013-14:
6. Planning special sessions at WCCI14 and CIDM14.
7. Potential link with the Task Force on Big Data.
TF on Process Mining (1/4)
Chair: Wil van der Aalst (The Netherlands)
See for full list and affiliations.
TF on Process Mining (2/4)
Chair: Wil van der Aalst (The Netherlands)
Members: Accorsi, Rafael Baier, Thomas Blickle, Tobias Brand, Peter van
den Brandtjen, Ronald Burattin, Andrea Carmona, Josep Castellanos, Malu
Claes, Jan Cook, Jonathan Costantini, Nicola Curbera, Francisco Depaire,
Benoît Dongen, Boudewijn van Duftler, Matthew Dumas, Marlon Ferreira, Diogo
Geffen, Frank van Goel, Sukriti Günther, Christian Guzzo, Antonella Harmon,
Paul Hofstede, Arthur ter Hoogland, John Ingvaldsen, Jon Espen Jung, Jae-Yoon
Kato, Koki Khalaf, Rania Kuhn, Rudolf Kumar, Akhil Lakshmanan, Geetika Lehto,
Teemu Malerba, Donato Manuel, Alberto McCreesh, Martin Mello, Paola
Mendling, Jan Motahari Nezhad, Hamid Reza Muehlen, Michael zur Mukhi,
Nirmal Munoz-Gama, Jorge Muthusamy, Vinod Omokpo, Amos Passova, Sofia
Reason, Johnathan Rembert, Aubrey J Rozinat, Anne Rozsnyai, Szabolcs
Seguel Pérez, Hugo Seguel Pérez, Ricardo Sepúlveda, Marcos Sinur, Jim
Slominski, Aleksander Soffer, Pnina Song, Minseok Sperduti, Alessandro Stoel,
Casper Swenson, Keith Talamo, Maurizio Turner, Chris Vanderhaeghen, Dominik
Vanthienen, Jan Varvaressos, George Verbeek, Eric Verdonk, Marc Vigo,
Roberto Wang, Jianmin Weber, Barbara Webster, Charles Weffers, Harold
Weijters, Ton Wynn, Moe
See for full list and affiliations.
TF on Process Mining (3/4)
- promotion of Process Mining, i.e. data mining techniques
for (business) processes
- providing infrastructure and software
- establishing standards
- fostering research
TF on Process Mining (4/4)
- Promotion of Process Mining and the Task Force based on the manifesto: IEEE Computer,
Communications of the ACM, Informatica, Informatik Spektrum, Information Systems, Mondo
Digitale, Communication of China Computer Federation, Institute for Internal Auditors,
Computing Now, Computable, BPTrends, Automatiseringsgids, KDD, etc. etc.
- Various publications and presentations of group members (list is endless).
- Promotional videos, e.g.,:,,,,
- Special Session on Process Mining at 2012 IEEE World Congress On Computational
Intelligence (June 10-15, Brisbane, Australia), Moe Wynn, Jan Vanthienen, Zbigniew Michalewicz,
Adam Ghandar.
- 8th International Workshop on Business Process Intelligence 2012 (Boudewijn van Dongen,
Diogo R. Ferreira, Barbara Weber).
- Second International Business Process Intelligence Challenge (BPIC’12) (Boudewijn van
Dongen, Diogo R. Ferreira, Barbara Weber).
- Process Mining Camp (, Fluxicon, Anne Rozinat, Christian W.
Günther, June 4th 2012.
- Dagstuhl Seminar "Unleashing Operational Process Mining" in 2013 (Rafael Accorsi, Malu
Castellanos, Ernesto Damiani, Wil van der Aalst).
- Special issue on Business Process Intelligence/Process Mining of ACM Transactions on
Management Information Systems
- Special session on Process Mining at CIDM 2013, Singapore (Andrea Burattin and Fabrizio
- BPI 2013 and BPIC 2013 are being organized.
- XES was adopted as the Task Force's standard at the 2010 annual meeting, see Started a formal IEEE standardization process to become a "real" IEEE standard;
working groups has been formed (driven by Eric Verbeek).
Task Force Report
Task Force on Data Visualization and
Data Analysis (1/4)
Barbara Hammer
Vice-Chairs: Laurens van der Maaten, Daniel Keim
Holger Theisel, University of Magdeburg
Michael Aupetit, CEA LIST
Peter Tino, University of Birmingham
Michael Biehl, RU Groningen
Michel Verleysen, Universite Louvain
Alexander Hinneburg, University Halle
Thomas Villmann, University of Applied
Ata Kaban, University of Birmingham
Sciences Mittweida
Samuel Kaski, Aalto University
Axel Wismueller, University of Rochester
Marc E. Latoschik, Univ. of Wuerzburg
Stefan Wrobel, Fraunhofer IAIS
Guy Lebanon, Georgia Tech
Gabriel Zachmann, University Bremen
John A. Lee, Universite Louvain
Erzsebet Merenyi, Rice University
Olfa Nasraoui, University of Louisville
Tim Nattkemper, Bielefeld University
Fabrice Rossi, Telecom Paris Tech
Fei Sha, University of Southern California
Yasufumi Takama, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Task Force Report
Task Force on Data Visualization and
Data Analysis (2/4)
• foster research in data visualization, inference of
human accessible models, interpretability of models
• bridge the gap of machine learning and information
• address problems as occur in interactive systems
(evaluation, real time models, big data)
Task Force Report
Task Force on Data Visualization and
Data Analysis (3/4)
Activities 2012/2013:
• special session at CIDM13: Interpretable systems in machine
learning, data analysis, and visualization (Michael Biehl, Fabrice
• workshop: New challenges in neural computation with special focus
topic ‚High dimensional data analysis and visualization‘ at
DAGM‘12 (Barbara Hammer, Thomas Villmann)
• Dagstuhl seminar Information Visualization, Visual Data Mining and
Machine Learning in 2012 (Daniel Keim, Fabrice Rossi, Thomas
Seidl, Michel Verleysen, Stefan Wrobel)
• special issue ‚Intelligent Interactive Data Analysis‘ at DAMI (Barbara
Hammer, Daniel Keim, Guy Lebanon, Neil Lawrence) completed
• invited talk at WSOM’12 on ‚Visualization of large data sets‘
Task Force Report
Task Force on Data Visualization and
Data Analysis (4/4)
Planned Activities:
• workshop New challenges in neural computation with special focus topic
‚Interpretable Models‘ at GCPR‘13 (Barbara Hammer, Thomas Martinetz,
Thomas Villmann)
• follow-up of Dagstuhl seminar Information Visualization, Visual Data Mining
and Machine Learning (Fabrice Rossi, Michel Verleysen, proposal in
• Visual Analytics using Multidimensional Projections Workshop co-located
with EuroVis 2013 (Michael Aupetit, Laurens van der Maaten, ...)
• Workshop VR/AR of GI in Würzburg, subsequent special issue of the
journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting (M. Latoschik)
• Summer School in Interactive Intelligent Spaces (M. Latoschik)
• Workshop on ‚High dimensional data mining‘ at IEEE ICDM (Ata Kaban)
• WSOM’14 (Thomas Villmann)
• Special issue on Machine Learning for Remote Sensing Data Processing in
IEEE Appl.Earth Obs. Rem. Sens. (E.Merenyi)
• we are envisioning special sessions at WCCI14 or CIDM14
DMTC-TF on Educational Data
Mining (1/2)
Chair: Longbing Cao
Vice-Chair(s): Jinyan Li
Yiling Zeng, Advanced Analytics Institute, UTS,
Brett Smout, Student Services Unit, UTS,
Kieran McPherson, Application Services, UTS,
Siu-Kui Ho, Planning and Quality Unit, UTS,
Gordon Lingard, School of Software, UTS,
Jian Pei, Simon Fraser University,
Lizhen Liu, Capital Normal University,
Yaodong Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Jeffrey Xu Yu, City University of Hong Kong,
Jinyan Li, National University of Singapore
Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Martin Hanlon, Planning and Quality Unit, UTS,
Patrick Player, Student Systems, UTS,
Michael Rothery, Planning and Quality Unit, UTS,
Paul Kennedy, School of Software, UTS,
Andrew Litchfield, School of Software, UTS,
Charles Ling, The University of Western Ontario,
Xia Cui, Chinese Acedemy of Sciences,
Wensheng Zhang, Institute of Automation, CAS,
Huaiqing Wang, City University of Hong Kong,
Xueqi Cheng, Institute of Computing Technology,
DMTC-TF on Educational Data
Mining (2/2)
Aim: EDM is concerned with the analyzis of data from educational
settings, including interactive learning systems, intelligent tutoring
systems and institutional administration data. The primary goals of
EDM is to uncover scientific evidence or patterns that are useful to
gain insights and explain educational phenomenons.
1. workshop ‘educational data mining‘ Sydney 2012
2. several systems demonstrated at big data forum - Canberra 2013
3. EDM systems demonstrated at big data summit - Sydney 2013
special issue in an IEEE journal
activities at CIS events
Task Force Report
Task Force on Evaluation and Quality
Philippe Lenca
Vice-Chair: Stéphane Lallich
Komate Amphawan
Nitesh Chawla
Thanh-Nghi Do
Michael Hahsler
William Klement
Stéphane Lallich
Jean-Charles Lamirel
Philippe Lenca
Ming Li
Jan Rauch
Izabela Szczech
Kitsana Waiyamai
Guangfei Yang
Ras Zbyszek
• define standards how to evaluate ML tools
• define quality measures
• provide discussion forum and infrastructure
Task Force Report
Task Force on Evaluation and Quality
Activities 2012/2013:
• workshop: the third Quality issues, measures of interestingness and
evaluation of data mining models workshop (QIMIE'13) organized
with PAKDD 2013
• member meeting at PAKDD
• special issue in the Journal of Intelligent Information Systems
• group will be soon open
Planned Activities:
• web site
• attract new members
• start discussions about 'hot topics' and advanced evaluation topics
for young researchers
• we are envisioning special sessions, to be discussed with TF
DMTC-TF on Big Data (1/1)
Chair: Nitesh Chawla
Vice-Chair(s): Paulo Lisboa
Zhi-Hua Zhou, Lipo Wang, Ata Kaban, Philip Kegelmeyer,
Ashok Srivastava, Haibo He, Paulo Lisboa
foster research in the emerging area of big data
connect diverse research from TFs, different comunities
Planned Activities:
1. Special Issue on Big Data
2. Tutorial/Special Sessions on Big Data at CIS conferences
3. Web page
4. Symposium on Big Data at SSCI’14
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