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Digital Art History?
Digital Art History:
The creation of any art historical project using
material that can be digitized, accessed,
searched, processed, produced, repurposed,
or analyzed in digital form.
Digital Art History:
What aspects of art historical material can be
made computationally tractable?
Phase 1: Digitization
Analogue to digital (surrogates of analogue to
digital) = (re)mediation
Repositories, collections, metadata
(records as surrogates)
Search / use
Individual / Institutional projects
Phase 2: Data Creation
Data mining /analysis (texts and documents,
cultural record)
Image analysis (cultural analytics)
Documentary materials / text analysis / networks
Publication formats
Patterns of Reconstruction, Kirk Martini, 1998
Bringing Pictorial Space to Life: Computer Techniques for the Analysis of Paintings
Antonio Criminisi , Martin Kempand Andrew Zisserman antcrim/
Phase 3: Augmentation / computation
virtual rendering and conservation
image processing for feature analysis and discovery
material sciences
complex systems
networks / relations
augmented reality
Western Semitic Research Project, USC, Bruce Zuckerman
Dunhuang Caves, Mogao Grottoes, ALiVE, CUHK, Dunhuang Academy, (Sarah Kenderdine)
Douglas Coupland, Digital Orca, Vancouver