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Nasogastric and Gastrointestinal
A client’s condition may warrant special
interventions to decompress the
gastrointestinal tract. GI intubation is
one of these interventions. Paralytic
ileus is one of the conditions that would
warrant intubation
Paralytic Ileus
Etiology- Cessation of peristalsis resulting from:
– Neurogenic impairment
– Mechanical obstruction
– Direct irritation
Pathophysiology- When peristalsis ceases, the
stomach or small intestine (depending on location of
problem or impairment) becomes distended from
large quantities of air and fluid
Signs and Symptoms- Abdominal distention,
cessation of BMs, absent bowel sounds, vomiting
Purpose and Types of Tubes
Nasogastric Tubes- Primarily inserted
fo decompression of the stomach
 Types of tubes
– Levin
– Salem Sump
– Dobhoff or Duo
Purpose and Types of Tubes
Intestinal Tubes- Long intestinal tubes
serve several purposes:
– Decompression
– Splinting
– Determination of obstruction site
Types of tubes
– Miller-Abbott
– Cantor
Measuring and Inserting an NG
Facilitating Tube Drainage
Because gastric and intestinal fluid must
move against gravity to be removed
suction is required
– Low Suction
– High Suction
– Intermittent Suction
– Constant Suction
Proper functioning
Prevention of Injury
Anchoring the tube
 Pin tube
Prevention of Injury
Prevent Oral Inflammations
– Keep oral membranes moist
– Use of ice chips
– Hard candy
Prevent reflux and/or aspiration
Promotion of Comfort
Removal of excess secretions
 Water soluble lubricant
 Relief for sore throat
– Warm saline gargles
– Ice bag to neck
– Prescribed throat lozenges
– Position changes
Specialty Tube
Sengstaken- Blakemore Tube
– Used to control esophageal varices
– Multi-lumen tube with 2 balloons